Find Car Rental in Rome

Rome, the capital of Italy, situated on the river Tibet, is known to be one of the oldest cities of present world. It has a rich history and art and houses historical cathedrals that are worth exploring. The central part of modern Rome offers many places of tourists’ interest and has large numbers of shopping areas plus restaurants.

Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino International Airport is the main airport of Rome. It is a large, modern, airport and that is fairly efficient and well connected to the city centre by public transport. You have quite a few options for reaching your hotel from the airport.  There are two types of trains, many buses and of course, white colored taxis. Your mode of traveling could be influenced by the time of your arrival at the airport and if you are traveling alone or in a group. For instance, if you land up late at night, you may not have any other option but to hire a cab as bus service becomes very irregular.  The charge of a cab from Fiumicino airport to downtown will be about €48.  If you are a group of three, it will work out economical to hire a cab. Likewise, if you arrive early in the morning and plan going around the city, car rental in Rome would make a good option.

Rome has another airport, G.B. Pastine/Ciampino International Airport, located in its southeast. This low cost airline airport serves flights of Ryanair, Easyjet, and Wizzair flights.You’ll find car rental in Rome easily available from all major companies at both these airports. Providers are easily accessible at the arrivals halls of both these airports.

The best time to visit any European country, including Italy, is in late spring, summer, and early autumn, especially if you want to drive.

Currency        Euro (€)

You won’t have problems using a credit card in larger restaurants and for buying train tickets. Smaller restaurants will generally want cash. Cabs accept cash. Most sites will take credit cards or cash.

The average price of 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas in Rome is €1.59

Driving in Rome

Tourists are advised not to self drive in Rome because of chaotic traffic. It may take quite long for newcomers to know where to drive for reaching their destination. Italians drive in a very pragmatic way. As green light turns to amber, they would expect you to accelerate and not brake. If you brake immediately when the light changes you are likely to be hit on the rear. Parking is scarce. In many areas only residents holding special electronic passes are permitted to drive.

Booking Your Car rental in Rome

Booking your car rental in Rome in advance, works out cheaper than traveling in a taxi.  A very helpful feature of car renting in Europe is that most operators allow you to cross border of the country and enter another European country/city and leave the car there. You may look for a European car rental company that waves off or charges concessional drop of charges if you drop off your car in certain specific city of the country you intend visiting. However, you’ll need to specify all details while booking as all companies don’t offer this facility for all European countries. Possibility of traveling to a neighboring country can be checked in the rental conditions by pressing the Price details button in the search results. It implies that if you happen to be in Paris, France and want to visit Italy, you can rent a car in Paris and travel to Rome or another Italian city. Likewise, you may rent a car in Milan, Italy and travel to Munich, Germany.