Discover Car Rental In New Delhi

New Delhi, the Capital of India (rent a car in India), is located in the north of the country, on the banks of the river Yamuna. The population of this metropolis is nearing thirty million. Truly, a huge city where you can easily get lost in. And the same could be said for Mumbai (renting a car in Mumbai). New Delhi seats the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of the Government of India. It houses three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Humayuns Tomb, Qutb complex and Jantar Mantar.  New Delhi experiences wide temperature difference that goes to over 40° C in summers and drops to around 7°in winters. October to March is the ideal time for visiting this city. New Delhi’s international airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport, having three terminals and offering all the services expected of an international airport, including car rental in New Delhi. During 2013, it became the 32nd busiest airport of the world with 36.7 Million passengers.

Visa and currency

All foreign nationals entering India need to possess a valid passport and visa obtained from an Indian Mission or Post abroad.

Applications for visa can be submitted online.

Indian currency is the Rupee (INR). One US dollar equals slightly more than 60 Indian Rupees.

All main credit cards are widely accepted. You can easily locate ATM in any part of city. Conversion of foreign currency is not any problem as one can find a number of many licensed money changers and banks. Many hotels and airports also offer this facility.

Driving in New Delhi

Barring a small part of the city that houses bureaucrats, ministers, and embassies of foreign countries, driving in the rest of New Delhi isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Even many Indians visiting New Delhi from the rest of the country wouldn’t venture driving on the streets of New Delhi. The reason is not just the number of vehicles but many more. You’ll find that almost anything movable from bicycles and cycle rickshaws to trucks and trailers to be moving on the same part of the road. Frequent traffic interruptions are caused by marriage processions, political processions and movement of ministers or religious processions. Moreover, this is among the most polluted cities of the world.

Find Car rental in New Delhi

There are a number of companies offering car rental in New Delhi, with many of them operating at national level. New Delhi car rentals provide wide ranging services. You may hire a car of any size for a couple of hours for going around the city or for a couple of days for going around the country. Car rental in New Delhi has a lot of options available – services round trip, and one way drop and multi city packages from Delhi to other destinations. Some companies charge on hourly basis, subject to a minimum charge while others charge on the basis of distance traveled. Prices vary with the model and make of cars. For instance, for traveling within the city in a midsized car with air-conditioning and English speaking driver you’ll need to pay about INR 1800 (US$ 30) and you can retain the vehicle for eight hours and travel up to 80Km.  The corresponding charges for a bigger car can vary from INR 22, 00 to 3000.  The charges are inclusive of fuel, driver and all taxes, only parking charges are charged extra. Booking can be done online.

Yes, car rental in New Delhi is also available for self-drive cars. You get a small air-conditioned car for about  INR 1500 /day while a midsized car would cost you a little less that INR2000/day and Mercedes E Class for about INR11,000/day. Of course, you need to have your passport, credit card, driving license and make a nominal deposit. But considering the driving conditions in Delhi, including driving on your left and most cars with manual changing of gears, foreigners would better patronize the usual car renting options that come with drivers and an all inclusive charge.