Car rentals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands is more than 700 years old and is renowned for its tulips, clogs and cheese and canal belt, now a UNESCO heritage. March to May is perfect if tulips interest you, otherwise June to August is its peak tourist season.  Officially called Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, this international airport, just about twenty minutes from the city of Amsterdam is very significant to Europe. A long weekend should suffice the initial exploration.

Visa requirement & Currency

Citizens of the EU, EEA or Switzerland do not require visa. Certain nationalities other than EU also are exempted from visa requirements. You may visit the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more details. Visa is valid for ninety days.

Like most European countries, the Netherlands use Euro as currency. Usually, other currencies are not accepted, thus ensure to change dollars. Though a lot of restaurants and stores accept credit cards, all don’t. So, check before you order and ensure to have adequate cash at all such places. Also, most stores and restaurants don’t accept €200 or €500 bills.

Car rentals in Amsterdam

  • If you intend using car rental in Amsterdam, of which there are many, here are the requirements:
  • You need to be over eighteen years of age, possess a driving license. It is preferable to have an international driving license additionally. You are permitted to drive for 185 days.
  • Motor insurance certificate and V5 registration document or hire car paperwork.
  • A warning triangle – in case the car breaks down, place it 30m away from your car. Headlamp converters, so your lights don’t dazzle motorists coming the other way.
  • It is mandatory to use car belts for all occupants of car. Children below 3 years must travel in the back, and have a suitable seat restraint. Children aged 3 to 12 can travel in the front or back, provided they’re using a suitable child seat. You’ll need to order your car rental in Amsterdam if you require child belts.

No, there are no motorway tolls when driving through Netherland. Trams get priority. Cycles and mopeds have right of way over cars.  You may consider buying a GPS device locally, the price ranges from 100-150 Euros.

As far as car rental in Amsterdam is concerned, you’ll find a number of International as well local vendors, though Netherland is not considered to be the best country for car rentals. They are expensive here and carry an additional per kilometer charge over and above the per day rental.

Whatever be your requirements, you’ll find and abundance of car rentals in Amsterdam. You would need one if you want explore the countryside. It may appeal to explore neighboring countries but, many care rentals in Amsterdam don’t allow you to take cars to certain Eastern European countries.

Car sharing schemes make a viable proposition for going around Amsterdam. Two companies are in operation. You’ll find these handy when you require cars for a few hours.  These need registration in advance. You may check websites of the Greenwheels and car2go. The most attractive feature in their case is that their prices remain consistent. For instance, you can hire for $14.99 plus taxes per hour or $ 84.99/day. No deposits or fuels are needed. You can also hire these for one way travel and thus save your time and money for returning the car to the station from where you hired it.

You also get the option of hiring electric golf carts that seat four and are ideal for safely navigating the city traffic. So, you may consider various options available before opting for Amsterdam car rental.