Car Rental In Zagreb – In The Croatian Capital

Zagreb is the capital, largest city and financial, cultural and administrative center of Croatia. It is located on the banks of the Sava River and sheltered by the Medvednica Mountain, in the northwestern part of the country. The city has more than 792,000 citizens, but in the wider metropolitan area lives more than one million people, which is the quarter of the general population. With a very diverse cultural life, with a number of theaters and museums, it is the most visited tourist locations outside Croat’s coastline.

Of course, Croats are the most populous ethnic group in the city (93%).

Zagreb is under the influence of humid continental climate, with four different seasons.

As administrative center and the most populous city, Zagreb has a special status within administrative division. It has wide autonomy and represents separate city county. The town itself is divided into 17 districts. You can visit all of them with car rental in Zagreb.

Zagreb has very diverse economy, which is based on the strong industry and service sector. Almost all the biggest domestic companies have their headquarters there, so as many regional and international firms. Zagreb is the seat of the state Stock Exchange.

Car rental in Zagreb – Suggestions and Advices

Because of its location, Croatian capital is now the regional transportation hub and point of the intersection of almost all major European roads. Hence, you will not have any problem if you want to visit this country by car. You can, for example, reach Zagreb without any problem if you opt for car renting in Slovenia.

Croatia has invested extremely big money in the new road infrastructure lately, which turned to be unprofitable. Today, the government is forced to sell almost all major highways to the private investitures in order to repay huge loans. However, there is no reason not to test these roads with car rental in Zagreb.

For all those who want to travel to Zagreb from the north, it would be an ideal if they can rent a car in Budapest. In this case, they will have to use the A4 highway, which connects Rijeka and Hungarian capital.

Driving in Zagreb is not confusing as in other European capitals because traffic signalization and road signs are all over the town. The problem might be driving near the city core due to many one- way streets.

Rental services and requirements in the city are the same as when renting a car in Croatia in general. This means that all drivers older than 21 years can rent a vehicle without any trouble. An International driver’s license is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Of course, your license from a domestic country must be valid and old at least one year.

In the city, you must not drive faster than 50 kilometers per hour. When you get to the open road between cities, you can drive up to 80 km/h.

Driving is on the right side of the road, with overtaking on the left.

In Croatia, drivers must not have any alcohol in the blood.

Wearing seatbelts is mandatory for both drivers and passengers.

In most city areas, you will have to pay for parking if you decide to use car rental in Zagreb. There are three parking zones along the city- red, green, yellow. The red one is the closest to the center and parking within this zone is the most expensive.

The lowest price in rental agencies at the Airport is 138 euros for a small city car per day. The identical prices are in the city.