Car Rental in Venice – The City of Romance

Constructed on more than 118 mini island in the Venetian Lagoon between two rivers – the Po and Piave, and intersected with many charming canals and beautiful bridges, Venice is definitely unique city and place everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. This breathtaking museum under the open sky is located in the northeastern part of Italy (car renting in Italy), whose ancient walls are placed along the Adriatic Sea. Because of its rich cultural heritage, splendid architecture and unrepeatable mixture of different influences in the long history, UNESCO declared Venice as a World Heritage Site.

Venice occupies territory of more than 414 square kilometers. Officially, the city has a little more than 264.000 residents. It is an administrative center and the capital of the Venice Province.

Extremely warm temperatures during the summer and cold winters characterize the climate of this region. Because of its geographical location and closeness to the sea and two rivers, it is not surprising that the city is known because of its humid climate.

In the history, Venice was one of the major trading centers in Europe, which reflected on strong economic growth and cultural prosperity. It was also one of the most liberal cities in the region, known because of its freedom and open- minded citizens. However, it all changed in the 17.century, when the city came under the authority of foreign countries, primarily Portugal. Today, the main source of income is tourism and ship building industry, which is located in Mestre and Porto Marghera.

Modern Venice is among the top tourist destinations in the world, with around 60,000 daily visits. Driving in the famous gondola, small traditional boats, through some of the 117 canals and under 409 bridges along the city is considered as ultimate romantic experience.

Think twice about car rental in Venice

Car rental in Venice is probably not the best idea if you want to explore the old city center, because car traffic is not permitted in the city’s urban core. In fact, it is the largest vehicle free urban area in Europe. So, if you want to visit some of the historical sites, you will have to park your car in public garages and continue your adventure by foot or mentioned gondolas.

You have several options for parking and prices vary depending on location of the garages and their distance from the city center. For example, one day in public garage on Piazzale Roma costs from 23 to 29 euros, and for public lot at S. Guliano, you will have to pay 12 euros for one day.

On the other hand, car rental in Venice can be an ideal option if you want to visit northern areas of the city, or to explore other parts of Italy. Tuscany, for example, a region in central Italy, is always a good choice.

Remember, you have to drive on the right side of the road, just like you would in Austria (car rent in Austria) or Slovenia (renting a car in Slovenia). Maximal speed in the city area is 50 kilometers per hour, while on some highway sections, you can drive up to 130 kilometers per hour. Wearing seat belts is mandatory. If you must use your cell phone while driving, make sure that you have a hands free device.

Allowed level of the alcohol is 0,05 promiles, which is approximately two beers for an adult person.

If you decide to use car rental in Venice, we recommend you to try with agencies at Marco Polo Airport, The cheapest package costs 113 euros per day, for a small city car.