Car Rental in Venezuela – Things You Must to Know

Its official name being the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, this country is on the northern coast of South America. Venezuela borders with Colombia (rent a car in Colombia) to the west, Guyana to the east and Brazil to the south. Some caribbean islands like Aruba (car renting in Aruba) and Trinidad and Tobago among others are part of the country too.

General Information

The capital of Venezuela is Caracas (renting a car in Caracas), and it also happens to be the largest city of all the country. It is a federal presidential constitutional republic. According to a census in 2014, there is a population of around 33 million people. 88% of the population is Christian, primarily Roman Catholic. The rest ranges from Protestants to atheist and agnostic.

The biggest ethnic group is the mestizo (51.6%), then the white (43.6%), then the black (2.9%) and others (1.2%).


The currency of the country is the bolívar fuerte since January 1st of 2008. The bolivar fuerte replaced the original currency, the bolívar, which had been the national currency since 1879 because of the inflation. One dollar would be worth 6.35 bolivar fuertes, which means that the value of one bolivar fuerte is around 0.16 dollars.


Since Venezuela is located over the Equator and in the tropics, its climate can vary from humid low-elevation plains (35ºC), to glaciers and highlands (8ºC). The great variation throughout the country is caused by a mountain range called the “Cordillera de la Costa”, and it crosses all the country from east to west. In fact, most of the population lives in these mountains.

Driving Laws

In general, most of the traffic rules in Venezuela are the same as in the United Stated and Western Europe. They drive on the right as well. In cities, the maximum velocity is 60 km/h, on rapid highways it is 120 km/h, and on main roads it is 80 km/h.

Also, you are not allowed to park in front of banks or any place where the sidewalk is color-coded in yellow.

You can drive in Venezuela with the driver’s license of your country, but it is also good to have an international one in case of any police routine checks. The police also tend to ask for the frame or motor number of your car, so it is important that you know it or know where it is located. Talk to the company you decided to use for car rental in Venezuela to provide you with this number.

Details On Car Rental In Venezuela

If you would really like to explore Venezuela, without a doubt the best way to do it is by renting a car. Its road system is the best in all Latin America and there are many benefits to using it. First of all, Venezuela is one of the countries with the cheapest price for gasoline. Also, by car you can find places and attractions that are not easy to reach not even by a bus.

Driving your own car is far better than not, you are independent and it is much more comfortable than being in a crowded bus, or spending a fortune in airplane tickets.

Where to go?

There is an endless list of places that you can visit in Venezuela, and all very different because of the country’s great diversity. For instance, with car rental in Venezuela, you can visit Caribbean coastal beaches if you like to relax, sand dunes, Andean peaks if you are looking for an adventure, and wetlands with piranhas and anacondas for those looking for more than just an adventure.