Car Rental In Utrecht – See The Beauty Of The Former Capital

With an estimated population of around 330,700 citizens, Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands (renting a car in Netherlands). It is also the capital and the largest city of Utrecht Province, which covers central area of the country. During the Dutch Golden Age, it was the most important Dutch city and its religious center. Even today, Utrecht is the host of the Old Catholic Church, Archbishop of Utrecht and main Protestant Church. It is also considered as the educational center of the Netherlands, because of the largest and most important University.

Utrecht shares the same climate with the rest of the country, with cold summers and moderate winters.

Because of the university and other high educational institutions, this city has a very young population. The majority of population are Dutch.

This city does not have developed industry, and the biggest income comes from the service sector and financial transactions. Tourism is also very developed. The main problem of the city is a high percent of people who get social assistance and rely on the state program of social welfare. More than 30 percent of citizens have minimal income.

Utrecht is the center of the railroad transport and the main railroad hub of the country. Public transport is extremely developed, with many bus lines and light rails. Of course, the majority of local population prefers bicycles, which is the characteristic of the whole Netherlands.

Car rental in Utrecht – General Information

Beside this traditional way of city transport, car rental in Utrecht is highly recommended. The city is well connected with all major roads in the region, and road infrastructure is in excellent condition.

In addition, car rental in Utrecht can be an ideal opportunity for all those who want to visit Amsterdam, The Hag or any other city in the country. You will not have any trouble to go to any location if you use A1 or A2 motorway. You can also use these roads if you want to travel to Belgium (car rent in Belgium) or Germany (car renting in Germany).

The same as in other cities in the Netherlands, and in Utrecht you must be very careful when driving, because of the large number of cyclists, who have the right of way.

The maximal speed in the city is 50 kilometers per hour. However, vehicle traffic is not allowed in many streets, which is the reason why you will have to continue your tourist tour by foot or bicycle.

Of course, you must drive on the right side of the road and wear seat belts.

Car rental in Utrecht will not be a problem for all those who have valid drivers’ licenses from their domestic countries. Young drivers between 21 and 25 years will be charged around 15 euros per day.

An international license is recommended for all foreign drivers.

Almost all rental agencies have common pick up and return fuel policy and standard insurance plans.

There are many attractive and interested places in the city, which attract a lot of tourists every year. The most popular building is the Dom Tower, which dominate cityscape. It is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands (112 meters).

The other very interesting destination is the Oudergrach, breathtaking curved canal which intersects the old city core.

Avis, Budget, Europcar are the most popular rental agencies in the city. The cheapest price is just over 50 euros per day.