Car Rental In Uruguay – Experience The Excitement Of Latin America

Uruguay or “the river of the colorful birds”, (which a translation from the native language), is the second smallest country in the South America; it is larger only than Suriname (renting a car in Suriname). However, more than three million people like to say that this country, which is located between Argentina (car renting in Argentina) to the west and Brazil to the north, maybe is not the biggest country in the world, but it definitely has a big heart and wide soul. Uruguay is also called “Switzerland of the South America” due its natural wealth, stable democratic regime and a lot of social benefits such as free education and health care for all citizens. It is, as some people like to say, a pure pearl of the Latin America.

According to a number of different international institutions, Uruguay is a leader in many aspects of life on the continent, especially in the area of the civil rights so as in the press freedom, security, education, equality between social classes… In addition, this country is also a leader in many other public issues such as cannabis consumption, same sex marriages, and abortion. If you want to feel the freedom at every step, then this country would be an ideal destination.

Beside the stable political regime and developed civil sector, Uruguay has one of the best economies on continents. The official currency is Uruguayan peso and the official language is Spanish (rent a car in Spain).

Useful information about car rental in Uruguay

For those who are planning adventure by car rental in Uruguay, here are some driving rules and advices that might be helpful. All vehicle traffic is carried on the left side of the road. This country is pretty much liberal when it comes to required documents and licenses. You can drive a car across the country with license from your country, but an international license is recommended.

All roads are in a good condition, especially those between big cities. However, you have to be very careful while driving, especially on the crossroads, because majority of them do not have traffic lights. You must not use your cell phone while you are driving.

Because the gasoline is heavily taxed, the majority of local drivers prefer fuel-efficient cars with manual transmission. This is a reason why vehicles with automated transmission are more expensive. When it comes to the prices of the car rental in Uruguay, it all depends on the vehicle type and your destination. For smaller cars with sticks, you will have to pay around $50. The same type with automates gearbox will cost you more than $90.

The driving culture is not at the high level, but the situation is far better than in other parts of the Latin America.  However, you have to be particularly careful if you are driving during the national carnivals (February and March) because of the often accidences and big crowd on the roads.

Car rental in Uruguay can be an ideal opportunity for exploring this great country. For example, you can drive to the shore and enjoy in the sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the ocean. The most popular beaches are Punta del Este and La Paloma. If you prefer camping, then you should go to the Santa Teresa, which is the best-known National Park and camping zone in the country.

In Uruguay, there is a pretty much solid offer when it comes to the renting agencies and some of the biggest international companies have their branches there- Avis, Budget, Dollar. The only problem is that the majority of them do not allow driving abroad, which is a reason why you will have to search for some local agencies.