From Europe To Asia With Car Rental In Turkey

Turkey, located at the connecting point of Asia and Europe, is bordered by eight countries and encircled by three seas, with the Mediterranean to its south.  Its time zone is GMT +2. Turkey is a huge and diversified country featuring fantastic landscapes and natural wonders. The ancient sites of Troy, Hierapolis and Cappadocia forma part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Turkey is renowned for its hospitality, natural beauties and historical heritage, offering a wide range of tourism alternatives. The best time to visit this diverse country is from April to June and again from September to October when the weather is warm but not too hot. Turkey has over thirty airports, offering international and domestic flights and one can surely find booking desks for a couple of renowned Turkish car rental companies.

Visa and Currency

Visitors may obtain visa on landing or get it online by making an application on having a passport valid for at least six months on the date of applying.

Turkish Lira is the official currency. You can exchange money for Turkish Lira at exchange offices, banks and local money changers.

You may withdraw cash in Turkish Lira, Euro and U.S. Dollar from the ATMs in Turkey.  All international credit cards are accepted in most cities, though it is advisable to carry some cash if you plan to be away from the main cities like Antalya (renting a car in Antalya) or tourist destination – Bodrum (car renting in Bodrum).

1.00 USD       =          2.69371 TRY

Discover Car rental in Turkey

You get many options for Car rental in Turkey, with most European car rental companies operating from here.

For driving in Turkey, you require International Driving Permit and drive on right hand side of road. Apart from your driving license, you need to carry your passport and insurance documents while driving in Turkey. Historic and archaeological sites are pointed out by yellow signs.

Road network in this country is good and speed limit for driving within urban centers, like Istanbul (rent a car in Istanbul),  is 50KM/hr and 90KM/hr outside the urban areas. You’ll easily find petrol pumps on the highway, operating 24X7. Road accidents are not infrequent, particularly at night mainly due careless driving.

Here, gasoline sells for 1.59 EUR per liter whereas diesel costs you 1.34 EUR per liter.

Helpful tips for car rentals in Turkey

  • Even if you are a frequent traveler, it is better to get familiar to local driving regulations and also the car you hire. Driving an unfamiliar car in an unfamiliar country can be stressful.
  • While considering the type of car you intend hiring, keep in mind not just the number of passengers but also your baggage. Would you prefer a car with a manual or automatic gear box? Though most cars are air conditioned, the economical ones may lack air conditioning. .
  • In case you require child seat, booster seats or a ski rack, you’ll need to book these in advance.
  • Will you be the lone driver? Some rental companies allow a second driver at no additional charge or for small additional fee, but you should inform the company that offers car rental in Turkey before hand.
  • One way hires or dropping the car off at a different location is often available, but you may like to check the difference between different options.
  • Depending on the car you may choose, expect the rental to vary from TRY 119.44 /day for a Hyundai Economy to TRY 213.65 /day for Mercedes Benz Luxury, though Fiat Panda Mini can be hired for TRY 79.89 /day. It’s worth carrying your independent research to get the car of your choice at the most competitive prices and terms.