Car Rental in Tokyo – The Heart Of Modern Japan

Tokyo is not only national capital of Japan but also its political and financial capital. It is among the most densely populated cities on the face of our earth. It is a huge, rich and engrossing metropolis with high tech infrastructure but continues to retain glimpses of old traditional Japan.  Tokyo is unstable geologically and vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Narita Airport, the main international airport of Tokyo is located in Narita Town, about 70 KM away from Tokyo. It handles 65 million people every year.  The design of the observatory Tower of this airport resembles Eiffel Tower, Paris. It reaches dizzying height of 350 meters with two observatory decks at different levels, accessible by elevators, providing breathtaking views of Tokyo.  At its lowest level you can find car rental in Tokyo. Tokyo has another airport, officially known as Tokyo International Airport, located in Ota, which is among the busiest airports of Asia, though it handles most of the domestic flights.

Tokyo falls in the humid subtropical climate zone. So, the best time to visit would be spring, from March to May and autumn, from September to November.

Visa and Foreign Exchange

Tourists from America, Canada, and New Zealand with a valid passport are permitted to stay in Japan for up to 90 days without requiring a visa. Citizens of the United Kingdom can stay for 180 days without requiring visa. It will be good to contact your local Japan embassy or consulate and clarify visa requirements.

1 US $ = 124 Japanese Yen JPY (¥)   One JPY is further divided into 100 sen

Cash or travelers checks are easily exchanged for yen at an ‘Authorized Foreign Exchange Bank’ and at main post offices plus some of the big renowned hotels and stores. US dollars are preferred. Majority of ATMs do not accept credit cards from other countries, though ATMs at post offices are an exception.  Cash continues to be the king in Japan.

Why Should You Go For Car rental in Tokyo

Though there is no scarcity of car rental in Tokyo, an enormous maze of thin streets without names, occasionally with slow moving traffic, coupled with limited and thus expensive parking can really put off most newcomers from driving in Tokyo. The city has an exceptionally good mass transit system. Driving in this metro is neither economical nor convenient. For local sightseeing there are buses with open rooftops, like in New York. You can choose the area you want to visit and take a bus accordingly as different buses follow different routes with varying durations of tour. Budget permitting, taxis are more convenient and certain areas are best explored on foot. Yet, car rental in Tokyo make sense when you want to travel to a neighboring city, visit a smaller town or a resort in some rural area.  Incidentally, many of the sites of tourists’ interest in Tokyo are outside the main city. For example, you would prefer renting a car in Osaka if you wanted to visit Mt. Fujiyama, which is among the largest active volcanoes in this world. Likewise, there are many other places worth visiting outside Tokyo. Structurally, car rental in this country is not much different than car renting in New York or any large metro worldwide but there is slight difference. For one, most Japanese companies in the business offering online booking of cars don’t provide the format in English language. Then, drop off facility though offered by some companies is extremely expenses. For instance, if you rent a car in Nagoya and drop off the same in Tokyo, you’ll need to pay tens of thousands of yen!