Car Rental in Taiwan – Where Modern Meets Tradition

Taiwan, a mountainous island, is located in the western Pacific Ocean, off the southeastern coast of the Chinese (renting a car in China) mainland. Its terrain varies from tropical beaches up to fantastic peaks as high as 3952 meter. Its territory also includes a number of offshore islands. It has three international airports.

Taiwan has subtropical climate with summers lasting from June to September while winter extends from November to March. Summers are usually hot and humid, though it usually rains in the afternoons and storms appear in the evenings. Winters aren’t cold really. The coldest season lasts from January to March when the lowest temperature is about 10°C. Yearly average temperature is around 22°C.  The best time to visit is from November to the following April.


New Taiwan Dollar (NT$) is the official currency of Taiwan. You get coins in denominations of NT$1, 5, 10 and 50 while notes are available in values of NT$50,100, 500 and 1000. Most hotels and banks exchange major currencies. Major credit cards are accepted in most Establishments in Taiwanese cities and large towns accept major credit cards. 1.00 USD =30.9281 NTS


If you decide to travel with laptop, you will require an International Direct Dial (IDD) line with an RJ-11 phone jack to access your ISP.

Car rental in Taiwan

Though there is a large number of car rental companies in Taiwan, their charges are more than their counterparts in countries like Germany (car renting in Germany) or England (rent a car in England). For instance a med-sized four door sedan would cost NT$2300 per day. However, gas costing NT$34-NT$35 per liter is not so expensive.

The website of the Tourism Bureau advises visitors patronizing car rental in Taiwan to get familiar with driving regulations of Taiwan and occasionally frenzied driving habits.

For driving in Taiwan, you require an international driving license or a Taiwan driving license.  Cars are driven on the right hand side. The driver as well the passengers in rear and front seat must wear seatbelts. With an international driving license you are permitted to drive for three months.

Car rental in Taiwan creates no problems as one can easily rent a car from one of the major airports, downtown locations and railway stations. Some hotels also provide this facility when you want to be picked up from or dropped at the airport or for going around for a few hours.

For driving in Taiwan, you should be well experienced, drive very cautiously, expect the unexpected and have a lot of patience. The website of the Tourism Bureau advises visitors using car rental in Taiwan to get familiar with driving regulations of Taiwan and occasionally frenzied driving habits. All car rentals provide the basic insurance, so you should find out what it covers. You must get the most comprehensive insurance. It is very desirable to get an English language edition of GPS system, which is available.

Another suggestion would be to check the website of the Central Weather Bureau website for likely weather in the region you intend driving through. That’s because roads in the mountainous region are prone to landslides.