Car Rental In Switzerland – Through The Alps And Untouched Nature

Switzerland is a confederate democratic republic, located in Western and Central Europe, interspersed with many lakes, rivers and the Alps of course. It is surrounded by France to the west, Germany to the north, Liechtenstein and Austria to east and Italy to the south. As you can see, there are many option of travelling to Switzerland – renting car in Austria is one of them.

It is one of the smallest European countries, famous because of its powerful economy, beautiful nature, stable democratic system and long tradition of military neutrality. It is interesting that Switzerland, despite of the strong and well-organized army, was not involved in the war since 1815, which is very unusual for one country in the heart of Europe, considering turbulent history of continent.

The capital city is Bern and the largest town is Zurich.

The official currency is Swiss franc.

Switzerland has a territory of 41, 285 square kilometers. The Alps dominate the entire region, which is the main reason why the majority of about 8 million citizens are located in the Swiss Plateau, between high mountain peaks.

Switzerland is a state of immigrants, where almost one third of the general population are foreigners. The largest ethnic majority are Italians, Germans and people from Portugal.

Because of ethnic diversity, Switzerland does not have one official language, but four- German, French, Italian and Romansh.

This country among the Alps has very diverse climate- from glacial weather conditions on mountains to the very temperate seasons in the lower areas, where you can enjoy in a typical Mediterranean climate. Natural phenomenon that is specific for this area is the fohn, a very warm wind.

Switzerland is also famous because of its unusual political system, where the power is divided between the Confederation and local cantons. There are 26 cantons and Bern, also known as federal city, which all have wide authorities in local political issues.

This country has one of the strongest economies in the world. The biggest part of the state economy is based on the manufacturing industries, which are all export-oriented. Switzerland is also financial center and the seat of almost all big banks from around the world.

Car rental in Switzerland – Tips and Tricks

All those who want to arrange car rental in Switzerland must know that an international driver’s license is mandatory if it is not on German, Italian, French or English.

Tolls will be charged on all major motorways. Because of this, before you decide to use car renting in Basel or any other Swiss city, make sure that a vehicle has attached tax sticker on windshield. If not, you can buy it in local post office and gas stations. This tax sticker cost 40 Swiss francs.

In general, Switzerland is a country with low number of accidents. Local drivers follow traffic laws, which is why car rental in Switzerland is truly a pleasant experience.

Wearing seatbelts is mandatory. Using a cell phone without hands-free device is not allowed and fines are steep.

Maximum allowed concentration of alcohol in the blood is 0,005%

If you are using car rental in Switzerland, then you must respect speed limits. In residential areas, maximum speed is 30 kilometers per hour. Through the city, you can drive up to 50 km/h. In rural roads and between cities, maximum speed is 80 km/h. On the motorway, you can drive up to 120 km/h.

Gemut is a very popular renting agency in Switzerland and it operates in Germany and Austria. Of course, almost all big international firms, such as Avis, Alamo and Hertz, have their offices across the country. They are also a good option when you want to rent car in Zurich.