Car Rental in Suriname – When The Beauty Isn’t Defined By The Size

Suriname is the smallest country in South America, with an area of only 165, 000 square kilometers. It is located on the northeast part of the continent, between French Guiana (east), Guyana (rent a car in Guyana) (west) and Brazil (car renting in Brazil). In the past, this country was British and Dutch colony. Suriname declared independence in 1975.

The majority of 573,300 people speak Dutch, which is the official langue. Suriname is the only Dutch speaking country on the continent. Less than a half of population uses Dutch as a second language and speak sranan, local creol language.

The capital and the largest city is Paramaribo. It is placed on banks of Suriname River, in the southeast part of the country.

The official currency is Surinamese dollar.

Suriname is democratic republic, with a president who is elected for a five- year term. The whole country is divided into ten administrative districts.

It’s seems like the smallest country in South America has two faces- coastal part on north is cultivated, with fertile soil where lives the majority of the population. The second, southern part is covered by the jungle and savannas and makes almost 80 percent of the continental part of the country.

Weather in Suriname is very humid, with average humidity of more than 80 percent. It is the consequence of the tropical climate, characterized by wet and dry seasons.

The most important parts of the weak Surinam’s economy is exploitation of bauxite, gold and oil. Bauxite is the leading export product and takes more than 70 percent of the whole export.  In general, Suriname economy is poorly developed, mainly because of the lack of the cultivated land and long dependency on Dutch economy.

The majority of the population is engaged in agriculture.

More about car rental in Suriname

Car rental in Suriname is, without any doubt, the best possible way of exploring this country. All tourists should provide an International driver’s license and must carry passport and insurance policy all the way.

You must drive on the left side of the road. The problem might occur because the many cars are with left steering wheel, which make overtaking a little bit difficult. However, if you drive carefully, you should not have any problems.

In addition, if you opt for the car rental in Suriname, your driver’s license from domestic country must be at least one year old and you must have at least 21 years.  The same goes for renting a car in Paraguay.

Seat belts are mandatory. If you want to make a phone call while driving, you will have to use hand free device. Otherwise, you will pay a fine if police stop you.

Roads in Suriname are not in great shape, except those in Paramaribo. Roads between smaller cities are unpaved, with many holes, which can be a big problem if you are driving at night.

You can visit many beautiful places when decide to use car rental in Suriname. You can drive to the central part of the country and enjoy in the beauty of the waterfalls such as Raleigh Falls or Blanche Marie Falls on the Nickerie River.

The capital of the Suriname would be the best place for car renting. As in the whole South America, international companies are the most popular and have the best conditions.