Car Rental In Split – Along The Adriatic Coast

With the old Roman Palace of Diocletian in its center and beautiful beaches near the city walls, Split is definitely one of the priority locations you must visit when renting a car in Croatia. With an area of almost 80 square kilometers, it is the second largest city in Croatia, right after Zagreb.

Split is the administrative center of Dalmatia Region, which placed in the eastern part of the Adriatic shore.

Split is placed in the peaceful peninsula between the Gulf of Kastel and so- called Split channel, protected by two high ridges.

This city has a Mediterranean climate, with approximately 2,600 sunny days during a year, which make it the favorite destination of sun seekers from around the world.

Split was one of the most important economic centers in former Yugoslavia, with powerful industry. After a series of unsuccessful privatization cycles, the city’s industry collapsed, which can be noticed even today in a number of devastated factories and empty facilities. These days, the economy of the city is based on tourism, service sector and small private companies. Fishing is still the main source of income of many families in the town area.

Split is connected with Zagreb and cities along the coastline by A1 highway, which represents the most important road in the country. In that way, you can rent a car in Zagreb and drive to Split using this highway.  The city itself has dense and well-organized road infrastructure, especially outside the center and suburban areas.

Driving a car along Croatia will be a pleasant experience if you follow traffic rules. First of all, you must drive on the right side of the road, with overtaking on the left. Dipped headlights are not mandatory, except in the period between October and March.

An international driver’s license is not required if you have a valid license from your domestic country. If you are staying in the country longer than six months, you must apply for local document before you apply for car rental in Split.

A green card is also not required, except if you are driving through Neum, a city which belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can get this card in border post in Split.

Wearing a seatbelt is mandatory, even for passengers who sit behind. Using a cell phone without the hand free device is not permitted.

Children younger than 12 years must not sit in the front.

Here are speed limits in Croatia you must respect even if you are planning car rental in Split:

  • In cities and urban areas: 50 km/h
  • Open roads between cities: 80 km/h
  • Motorways: 130 km/h or less, depending on section

City center, airport or city port are the best places for a car rental. There are no special requirements when using this service in Split (it is the same as renting a car in Opatija). This means that you will have to be older than 21 years and to have a valid driver’s license longer than one year.

If you want to stay in Split, small city cars are always the best option because of the city crowd and narrow streets in central area.

Sixt is the most popular international rental agency that operates in Split. Of course, you can always try with some of many local companies. Make sure that you understood all aspects of the contract before you sign anything related with car rental in Split.