Find Car Rental in South Dakota

The state of South Dakota is situated in the north central part of United States. Its capital Pierre, on the banks of the Missouri River, is almost in the middle of the state. The capital Pierre has two time zones.  The town plus the eastern part follows Central Time but the western part of SD across the Missouri follows Mountain Time. So, don’t forget to carry your watch along. South Dakota has two main airports, (though it has over a dozen airports.) Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD) is in its southeast while the Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP) is in the west. Airlines that serve the Sioux Falls Regional Airport include Delta, United and Allegiant airlines and the other airport is also served by the same airlines. Both the airports have the facility of car rental in South Dakota. There are hardly any International flights to and from SD. It is worthwhile taking a flight to Minneapolis or Denver. Once there, you can go for car renting in Minneapolis and reach SDIf you intend spending a week in SD, you’ll save money on taking this option.

The ideal time for visiting South Dakota is from late May to early September. During summers temperature can reach about 40 degrees Celsius (more than100*F) and average temperature during winters is below freezing point. Usually, days are bright with clear skies in summer with daylight lasting for about 15 hours but thunderstorms do occur at times. For winter sports like ice fishing or skiing one should visit from December to early March. The state offers over 1,500 miles of snowmobiling trails. Daylight is for nine to ten hours during winters.

Driving in South Dakota

For driving in SD, you’ll require a driver’s license issued by your country along with an International Driving Permit from the same country.

Roads in SD are not crowded really, yet it is advisable to travel in a highly reliable vehicle, preferably with a cell phone and road maps. You’ll find very few towns scattered on the way. Ensure to have plenty of gas in the tank and do carry water at all times. While traveling in the southwest part of SD, you’ll find Bison on the way and the best and safest way to watch them is from within your car as they are known to get wild at times.

Explore Car Rental in South Dakota

You’ll need to travel large distances if you want to go around this state. There is no intercity railway, making it necessary to take car rental in South Dakota. You should be 21 years of age to patronize any car rental company in the US and South Dakota isn’t an exception. It may be added here that car rental in South Dakota is costly due little competition. Of course, all cars have automatic transmission and air conditioning.

While in SD, you may get inclined to visit neighboring state of North Dakota, the least visited state in the US. So, you won’t find crowds while visiting its lakes, hills, old frontier forts and badlands. A flight from SD takes you to ND in just about forty five minutes and you can rent a car in North Dakota.  You may also discover wilderness in Minnesota, 317 miles away from SD. Flight from SD to Minnesota takes less than one hour and you shouldn’t expect any serious problem renting a car in Minnesota.