Car Rental in Santiago de Chile – Explore The City Of The Park


 Car rental in Santiago de Chile can be really unforgettable experience and unique opportunity for exploring the capital and the largest city in Chile (renting a car in Chile).

Santiago de Chile or just Santiago is located in the central part of the country, in the peaceful valley at 570 meters above the sea level. It lies on the banks of the Mapocho River, just below the grandiose Andes Mountains.  It is a very popular tourist destination, with a bunch of beautiful parks, theaters, bicycles tracks, operas and all other things that contribute to its unforgettable magic. In addition, Chilean capital is well- known for the magnificent view on the snow peaks of the Andes.

Santiago is, without any doubt, very beautiful city, but it is very clean in the first place. City parks are full of different flowers and each of them looks like a part of some fairy tale. Beside the big trees and very cultivated grass, parks in Santiago are like galleries under the open sky. They are full with different artistic sculptures. It is something you definitely should not miss to visit.

The climate in Santiago is very pleasant and moderate. Local folks have managed to use everything that nature offers to them. All around the city, there are plenty of vineyards you simply must visit if you are planning car rental in Santiago de Chile. They are all open for tourists.

Car rental in Santiago de Chile – General Instruction

Santiago is a modern city with a fast growing economy. This is a reason why local authorities have decided to invest in the city infrastructure, mainly in the highways. Yes, there are many modern and well equipped highways through and around the city, which can be ideal if you want to avoid the traffic crowd. However, be prepared for tolls, because none of them is free. The great thing about tolls in Chile is that they are charged by the small device placed in your car. If you are planning a car rental in Santiago de Chile, make sure that the vehicle has such device or you might have serious problems.

One of the biggest problems for foreign drivers is that all signs and street names are in Spanish. Using GPS is definitely our recommendation.

When it comes to the driving laws, they are the same for the whole country. This means that you will have to forget about using a cell phone (including headphones) and smoking while you are driving. Try to keep both hands on your wheel and pay attention to the busses. They are all yellow and local bus drivers are famous because of their maniac drive. Changing lines is also something that is very often in the Chilean capital. Horns are also trademark of this city.

Ecology is something that is priced very high in this city, which is a reason why local authorities brought a set of vehicle restriction rules, known as “resticcion vehicular”. In general, it means that you will not be able to drive your private car (or rented) near the city core in certain day. The restriction days are defined by two last numbers of the registration plates.

In Santiago de Chile, there are plenty of international and local renting agencies, just like with car renting in in Argentina and with rent a car in Ecuador, so you will not have any problem to find the most appropriate solution. Beside the Avis, Dollar and Budget, you can try with Chilean Rent a Car agency.