Car Rental In Rio de Janeiro – World’s Secrets Capital Of Enjoyment

Until 1960, Rio de Janeiro or just Rio was the capital of Brazil (rent a car in Brazil). After that period, all political and administrative institutions were transferred to Brasilia (car renting in Brazilia). It seems that the majority of more than 6 million citizens, who are also known as cariocas, do not care much about it; for them, Rio is still the most important city in the country and world’s capital of the entertainment and enjoyment, especially during the famous Carnival (February), when millions of tourists from around the world come in Rio (renting a car in Rio de Janeiro), celebrating on the crowded streets.

Rio is located in the western part of the country and it lies on the Guanabare Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. It occupies the territory of more than 1,1 million square kilometers, which makes it the second largest city in Brazil and the fifth largest in South America.

The city is divided into four zones- downtown or historical core (Centro), West zone (Zona Sul), North zone (Zona Northe) and West zone (Zona Oeste). Rio is the city of a big social differences. On the one hand, there are modern, luxury areas where live some of the richest people in the world, while, on the other hand, more than million people live in extreme poverty across slams or favelas. For all those who are planning car rental in Rio de Janeiro, driving through these favelas is not recommended.

Rio has typical tropical climate, with dry and wet periods. During the summer, temperatures above 40 Celsius are pretty much usual, while heavy rains characterize period from December to March.

Economy of Rio is very diverse. The main income comes from heavy industry, ship- building and tourism. Almost all world’s biggest companies have their branches here, which were opened in the period when Rio was the capital of Brazil.

Useful information about car rental in Rio de Janeiro

Rio has very well- organized public transport, with more than 800 bus lines and metro. Also, there are many modern highways in the city, which you can use if you pay a toll fee.

Car rental in Rio de Janeiro is probably not a good idea for those who are scare of driving on crowded streets, with extremely intense traffic.

Only drivers who are older than 21 years and have their driver’s license more than a year can use car rental in Rio de Janeiro. According to the state laws, valid licenses from domestic countries are accepted, except if you are planning to drive abroad. Almost all rental agencies have standard pick up and return full fuel policy. If you change your mind, agencies will not charge you if you make cancelation at least 48 before the pickup day.

As we mentioned in the beginning, Rio is considered as the world’s top tourist destination, so you will be more than pleased with places you can visit across the city. First of all, you can start your journey with the most famous beaches on the planet- Copacabana and Ipanema.

Of course, you should also visit the city’s trademark number one- a huge Christ the Redeemer statue, which is located on the Corcovado Mountain.

Foco, Alamo and Hertz are just a few of many renting agencies in Rio. The lowest price for a vehicle is around $34 per day, for a small city car such Ford Fiesta or similar.