Car Rental In Rijeka – Between The Mountains And The Sea

With an area of around 44 square kilometers, Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia, right after Zagreb and Split. It is an administrative, cultural and economic center of Primorje-Gorki Kotar County. The city is located in the peaceful Kvarner Bay, surrounded with the Ucka Mountain and height of the Velebit range. From the city’s port, which is the largest in Croatia, tourists can enjoy in a beautiful view of two islands- Krk and Cres. This city is, without any doubt, a place you just have to visit when renting a car in Croatia.

Rijeka has more than 128,000 citizens and represents the most populous city in this region.

In the past, the town was the target of many foreign conquerors (Italian and Hungarian), primarily because of its location and deep- water port, which was able to receive the largest merchant ships of that time. Even today, city’s port is important trading and maritime hub and one of the main engines of local economy.

The majority of population are Croats. Beside the official Croatian language, local population speaks Fiumano, a very specific type of Venetian language. If you want to compare these two languages, you can do it without any problem, because these cities are only 230 kilometers away from each other. So, you can rent a car in Venice and turn you vacation into unforgettable experience.

Weather in Rijeka is under the influence of a typical humid subtropical climate, with warm and rainy winters and hot summers. Fogs are very rare in this region, and they appear only three or four days a year. Even during the coldest days, temperature rarely goes below zero.

As it is said, city’s port is the main source of income. The record was reached in 2013, when throughput of cargo reached nine million tones. The other very important sources of income are tourism and fishing.

Rijeka is the seat of the Croatian National Theatre and University of Rijeka.

The city is well-connected with other parts of Croatia and represents important European traffic corridor, with many quality roads and motorways you can check with car rental in Rijeka.

Driving advises why using car rental in Rijeka

The traffic artery of the whole area is the A1 motorway, which connects this city to Croatian capital Zagreb. In addition, driving to Slovenia and Italy is not a problem anymore, because of the new A7 motorway, which goes through Ljubljana and Ilirska Bistrica. Therefore, a car renting in Italy is always a good choice when planning a trip to Rijeka.

Finally, you can easily access to the A8 motorway, which is an ideal option for all those who want to explore Istria region and experience the beauty of “the most European” part of Croatia.

Before you decide to use car rental in Rijeka, here are a few things you have to bear in mind:

  • The maximum speed in cities and all urban areas is 50 kilometers per hour.
  • Allowed concentration of alcohol in the blood is 0%
  • Driving is on the right side on the road, with overtaking on the left
  • Wearing a seatbelts is mandatory for both drivers and passengers
  • Using a cell phones without hands free device is not allowed
  • Children younger than 12 years must not sit in the front
  • Dipped headlight are mandatory between November and March
  • An international drivers’ license is not mandatory

You can arrange car rental in Rijeka in several locations in town. Avoid agencies at the airport because they are more expensive than companies in the city center.