Car Rental In Plitvice – Where Nature Makes Beautiful Wonders

With more than 1,1 million visitors every year, Plitvice Lakes National Park is definitely one of the strongest assets of Croatian tourism. It is located in the central region of the country, at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Protected territory of about 296 square kilometers is among the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe, with a number of green lakes, connected with astonishing waterfalls. The whole area of the national park is added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

It is also the largest park of nature in Croatia and one of the oldest in European continent.

There are 16 lakes within this area, which are a “product” of several small rivers and their influence on the porous lime soil. They are separated with colorful barriers made of algae, moss and specific type of bacteria. Because of steep terrain, water from lakes flows in cascades, making the set of breathtaking natural waterfalls. Because of the specific soil composition, sunlight angle and minerals, you can enjoy in unreal combination of colors here.

Water from two lowest lakes forms the charming Korona River, continuing its 134 kilometers long way to the River Kupa near Karlovac.

National Park has a very humid climate, with air humidity of about 81% in average, with long rainy periods and temper summers. During the winter, all lakes are frozen, making this landscape even more attractive.

If you decide to use car rental in Plitvice, there are two main entrances with many parking lots in front of gates of the national park. Parking is not free and you will have to pay 7 kuna for one hour. Of course, driving through the park is not allowed- it a traffic free zone.

You will not have any trouble to reach Plitvice Lakes if you opt for a car renting in Croatia, because the whole this area is connected with Adriatic costal region by north-south road.

In addition, all those who have decided to rent a car in Zagreb, will be at the destination within one hour. The national park is connected with Croatian capital with A1 highway.

Renting a car in Rijeka is also a good option, but in this situation, you will have to use Rijeka-Zagreb highway. Remember, a tool will be charged on this section.

Things you have to know about car rental in Plitvice

An international driver’s license is not required, except if you are planning to use car rental in Plitvice for visiting some of the neighboring states. The only documents you will have to possess and carry with you are a valid driver’s license for your domestic country and the passport. Insurance or the green card is also not mandatory, but it is recommended.

There are many random police checkpoints and radars all over the country, so you must follow all speed limitations after you apply for car rental in Plitvice.

According to the state laws, the maximal speed in urban areas is 50 kilometers per hour. On the paved roads between cities, you can drive up to 80 km/h. Of course, the maximal allowed speed is on highways (130 km/h).

Roads in Croatia are in a good condition, especially motorway sections along the Adriatic coast, which are among the best in Europe.

If you want to rent a car near national park, you can try with some of local agencies. The cheapest variant is from 45 euros per day.