Car rental in Phuket – For Tourists Who Want More

Phuket is the largest of all islands in Thailand (renting a car in Thailand). It is located in the southern part of the country along with 32 other smaller islands. It is a spectacular holiday destination where you’ll find pink sunsets and blue lagoons. Most popular beaches of Phuket are in its south.  Some of the more popular activities include scuba and snorkeling, kayaking and canoeing.  You may also explore serene forested hills, cliffs and mountains. You won’t find many direct flights from Europe and the USA for reaching Phuket.  The best route will be to fly to Bangkok, capital of Thailand, spend 2/3 days there and then travel to Phuket, which has the second largest airport of that country.  You get more than half a dozen Asian airlines from Bangkok and other cities of Thailand for reaching Phuket, 500 miles away from Bangkok. If you have time and don’t mind traveling by road, you’ll find many international and local car renting in Bangkok.

On arriving at Phuket International Airport, you get many options for reaching your hotel, from car rental in Phuket to Airport Bus. Many hotels offer the facility of picking up their guests from the airport for an extra charge. The best time to visit Phuket is from November to May. ATMs are abundant all over Thailand, including Bangkok and Phuket and accept credit cards issued by leading international banks. Withdrawing cash with foreign cards from ATMs in Thailand involves fee of 150-180 baht plus the fee charged by your card company.

The most developed beach of Phuket is Hat Patong. The three KM long beach is 15 Km from the main town. It has a number of restaurants, hotels and night clubs. Patong is also renowned its nightlife. Kalim is the name of the northernmost end of Patong Bay. It gives you amazing views of the sunset. It is a popular spot for surfing from April to September.  The next beach frequented by tourists is Hat Karon.  Located about 20 KM from the main town this is the second largest beach of Phuket. The shore is lined with large resorts. This is not a developed beach but has coral reefs in its south.  You’ll find it worthwhile to use car rental in Phuket and visit these beaches in Phuket, though there are other beaches too.

Explore Car rental in Phuket

Companies that rent cars and insurance companies accept your driving license. Yet, it is good to have an International Driving Permit before leaving your country.  When you rent a car in Pattaya, you are generally invited to inspect your chosen car in the presence of company’s representative.  However, it is good to take a couple of snaps of rented car from different angles to avoid any disparity at the time of giving the car back. Payment is usually by credit card.  The prerequisites for car rental in Phuket are the same as in the entire Thailand.  Most car rentals in Phuket follow full to full fuel policy.  Though all cars are air conditioned, they may not have automatic transmission. So check on that at the time of car renting. As can be guessed car with manual transmission are cheaper than the others. You’ll find a large variety of cars and depending on the size and make of car per day rental varies from just $36 to over $100. Yes, car rentals in Thailand often give you the option of renting car with driver at an extra charge of about 500 baht a day. It may also interest you to know the average price of fuel in Thailand is 30 baht per liter and 1 US dollar equals more than 35 baht.