Places To Visit With Car Rental in Philippines

The Philippines consists of a cluster of over seven thousand islands in South-East Asia. The islands are situated at the Easter edge of Asia in the area between the South China Sea and Philippines Sea. The country is known for its fantastic beaches. Its coastline is among the longest in the world. Being the largest Christian country of Asia, and English being a compulsory subject in schools, makes it easy for locals to communicate with visitors in English. Otherwise, the country is home to more than hundred ethnic groups.

The Philippines has its international airports located at Angeles, Clark Freeport Zone, Cebu, Davao, Laoag, Manila, Kalibo and Zamboanga. However, travelers prefer arriving at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport or Kalibo International Airport, both of which are in the middle of the Philippine archipelago and on the exterior of the Typhoon. Facilities at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport include food shops, duty free shop, banking facilities, communication facilities, business facilities, and the convenience of booking hotels, resorts and car rental in Philippines. Taxi fare for town from this airport is about ₱ 150-200, being the only option available at night.  Yellow airport taxis are available at the arrival lounge of all airports, though more expensive compared to those hired from outside.

Visa & Currency

Visitors from a large number of countries, including those from ASEAN countries do not require a visa for stay up to 30 days provided they have passport valid till at least 6 months ahead of their period of stay and possess a return ticket or a ticket for forward journey.

Currency-Philippine peso (₱, PHP)

1 USD =45.645

Average fuel price = UD$0.96-0.99per liter

Driving in the Philippines

  • Unlike most Asian countries, traffic in the Philippines drives on the right side of the road.
  • Tourists with a driving license issued by their country can drive here for up to ninety days. The license needs to be in English or you should get a copy in English duly certified by your embassy in the Philippines.
  • Most big cities have bad roads full of potholes, bad drivers with scant respect for rules, and traffic comprising of all kinds of vehicles that make driving in the Philippines a harrowing experience for any foreigner.

Car rental in Philippines – Where to Go?

Car rental in Philippines offer cars with automatic transmission and air conditioner.  Terms and conditions of most are the same and similar to renting a car in Manila. You’ll need to give photocopy of your passport and license. Fuel policy is full to full tank. You can get a midsized car with power steering for about PHP 1,600/day while a luxury car would cost in the region of PHP 2000 to 3000 per day. Most car rental in Philippines can also offer you a driver for an additional fee of PHP 500.  Free drop off facility within the same city is also offered by some. Though driving in local metros is not recommended for reasons already mentioned, expressways are good in the Philippines. So, if you land at Cebu, you have the option of car renting in Cebu for travelling to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. On the other hand if you land at Kalibo international airport, you can easily rent a car in Kalibo and travel to Manila and explore this metro city.