Car Rental in Peru – Explore The Home of Inca

Peru is a pure diamond that lies in a western part of South America. It is a country with very diverse nature and country that is founded on the one of the oldest civilization- famous Inca’s Empire. Interesting thing about the geographic position is that Peru is bordered by Columbia and Ecuador to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia (rent a car in Bolivia) to the southeast, Chile (car renting in Chile) in the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west. If you want to experience the extremes, Peru will be the ideal destination for you. You can enjoy in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, try to touch the sky from the Andes or experience the real adventure in the rainforest along the famous Amazon River.

About Peru

Peru is a democratic republic and it has more than 30 million citizens. It is a highly multiethnic country, and the population represents the mixture of people from Europe, Africa, Asia and domestic people- Amerindians. The official language is Spanish, but the majority of local folks uses native languages such Quechua.  Because of such mixture of nations, Peru is an ideal destination for people who like diverse cuisine, culture, customs, literature or music.

The whole country is divided into 25 regions. The capital and the largest city is Lima, located in the central costal part of the state. With a population of almost ten million people, Lima (also known as Lima Metropolitan Area) is the third largest city on the continent, just behind the Sao Paolo and Mexico City.


Peruvian nuevo sol is the official currency and one Nuevo sol worth 0,32 US dollars.


Thanks to its specific geographic position, Peru has a very diverse climate. In the coastal area dominates moderate, continental climate and in the Amazon region you can expect a lot of rain, humidity and high temperatures.

Driving and Car  Rental In Peru

The state rules about the driving are pretty much flexible for strangers, because additional licenses are not required. If you are planning to be in Peru for less than six months, then you can drive with your regular license (with photo) without any trouble. On the other hand, if you want to drive a car for up to one year, then you will need an international license.  However, make sure that you always have your passport with you, which is the only evidence for local police on how long you have been in this country.

In general, Peruvians are not the best drivers in the world, which is a reason why you have to be very careful, especially during the night. There are many large trucks and busses, whose drivers do not care much about basic traffic rules.

If you are planning to explore the country by yourself, go for car rental in Peru and make sure you use main roads only, such as Panamericana (RN1). If you want to go to east, then use Carretera de la Siera (RN1) or Carretera Marginal Selva if you want to explore the jungle along the Amazon.

Avoid side roads, especially in the mountain areas, because they are very prone to escarpment and flooding.  In addition, you should be prepared for blocked roads due to frequent public protests and demonstrations.

In general, Peru has very diversified car renting offer, with a lot of car models and renting plans. Depending on the location of the agency, you can rent your car from $43 to $188 per day.

Most agencies have a special policy for young drivers (from 21 to 24 years), who have to pay $5 per day over the basic price.

In most cases, you will be limited to 400 kilometers for the standard offer, but if you are planning longer trips, you will have to pay additional $0.15 per mile.

If you want to leave the country by car rental in Peru, then you will probably have to look for smaller agencies, because the biggest renting companies usually do not have that option.

If you want to rent a special car, with additional equipment, then you should check some of the agencies in Lima (renting a car in Lima). On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, smaller towns would be the best choice. The highest prices are at the capitol’s airport.