Car Rental In Paraguay – In The Hearth Of South America

Paraguay is a small country, located in the center of South America. It is nestled between Argentina (car renting in Argentina), Brazil (car rent in Brazil) and Bolivia (renting a car in Bolivia). It occupies a territory of approximately 406.700 square kilometers. According to the latest census, in Paraguay live more than 7 million people, mainly “mestizos”, the mixture of Europeans and Amerindians.

The capital and the largest city is Asuncion, which lies on the left bank of the Paraguay River. If you decide to use car rental in Paraguay, you just have to visit this beautiful city and experience the spirit of the cultural center of this state in the heart of South America.

The official currency is Guarani (PYG), which is divided into 100 “centimos”. However, because of the high inflation in the past, centimos are not in use anymore.

Paraguay is a representative democratic republic, with three separated branches of government. The whole country is divided into two main regions (Occidental and Oriental Region).

If you decide to organize a personal expedition with car rental in Paraguay, you will see that this state has two different geological areas, which are separated by the Paraguay River. On the east, there are beautiful lakes, valleys and hills, while the western side has been massively deforested in the past decades. This is a huge area with extremely low population density, inhabited mainly by natives.

The climate is characteristic for the whole region of Central America, which means that there are only two main climate periods: dry and wet, with a very strong windy season between October and March.

With economic growth of 7% in the period between 1970 and 2013, and very low inflation of approximately 5%, this country has one of the most stable macro- economies on the continent. It is also one of the world’s leaders in the production of soybean, stevia and tong oil. After Miami and Hong Kong, Ciudad del Estate is the third largest free commercial zone.

Tips on car rental in Paraguay

One of the most important things you have to know if you are planning to use car rental in Paraguay is that, according to the state laws, vehicle insurance is not mandatory, which is a reason why almost every local driver drive without any kind of insurance. Because of that, you must be very careful in traffic. It is also recommended for all foreign drivers to buy insurance in order to avoid any potential problems.

Of course, you will have to drive on the right side of the road, with overtaking from the left.

Main roads in Paraguay are in a pretty solid condition, but the majority of the side roads are unpaved. You should avoid these roads, especially during the rainy season (from November to April).

There are many great places in Paraguay that deserves to be visited. Beside the capital, we recommend you to go to the Ybycui National Park and enjoy in the beautiful nature and magnificent sites you will never forget. The whole area is full with small springs, which make spectacular and beautiful natural waterfalls. This national park is also known as a home of many butterfly species.

You should not have any problem if you want to rent a car in Paraguay. Big international companies such Avis, Hertz, National have their offices in Asuncion. You can make almost any kind of arrangement, but driving outside the country might be a problem.