Car Rental In Oslo – The Best City For Living

Oslo is the capital, the largest and the most populous city in Norway. It is located in the southeastern part of the country, at the end (or beginning) of the long and beautiful Oslo Fjord. According to the historical data, the first settlement was founded around 1000 AD and it was initially a small trading village. In the following years, this city developed into important religion and trading center of the region. Unfortunately, the old city core was destroyed by the fire in 1624.

Today, Oslo is a modern and prosperous city, with astonishing architecture and large green areas. Norwegian capital is currently the best big city for living in the Europe, with extremely high living standard. On the other hand, it is the second most expensive capital in the world, just after Tokyo.

Oslo occupies a territory of more than 450 square kilometers, which is surrounded by green hills. The city has very picturesque landscape with 40 islands, 343 lakes and two rivers. The Alna River flows through the center and divides Oslo into two parts- a West End and an East End.

Oslo has the warmest climate in Norway. In general, yearly temperature varies from +30 during the summer to -25 in winter. Because of the geographical location and high latitude, the phenomenon of the “eternal day”, when the sun never completely sets is pretty much normal thing.

It is not very easy to determinate an exact number of the citizens in Oslo. Thanks to the massive immigration, Norwegian capital has become the fastest growing city in Europe.

Maritime sector is the engine of the economic growth of this city and the rest of the country. There are almost 2000 companies in this industry branch.

Car rental in Oslo – Notes and Recommendations

Oslo has a very diverse and extensive public transport. Its Metro network is considered as the most extensive in the world. The tramway lines and busses are also available. Norwegian capital is well-connected with the rest of Europe, so you can visit this country if you, for example, decide to arrange car renting in Sweden.

Almost all major vehicle roads pass through the city, which is a reason why you can travel wherever you want if you decide to rent a car in Norway. Tolls will be charged on the majority of these roads.

In general, the whole road infrastructure is in a great condition, with quality roads and excellent traffic signalization.

The maximal speed in the city is 50 kilometers per hour. Seat belts are mandatory, so as headlights.

If you want to take car rental in Oslo, then you will have to drive on the right side of the road.

An international driver’s license is not obligatory, but it is recommended, so as it is when renting a car in Denmark.

All drivers must pay attention to the traffic lights. Turning right at the red light is not allowed, even if there no pedestrians on the road.

Fines are very high and police will heavily punish any aggressive driving.

Winter tires are mandatory during the snow season.

Parking close to the city center might be a problem, because of the lack of the free spaces. All parked vehicles will be charged do pay attention to this when you are taking car rental in Oslo.

Using horns is considered as offense if it is not used in emergency situations.

There are many options and agencies for car rental in Oslo. The most popular location for renting are at the Gardermeon Airport, Railways Station, Downotown or at the Sandefjord Torp Airport. Besides many local agencies, there are also international rental companies such as Avis, Budget, Europcar, etc.