Car Rental in Opatija – Meet The Old Dame Of Croatia

Opatija is a medieval old city and popular tourist destination, placed in western Croatia, along the Adriatic Sea. It is not unusual why many people prefer to visit this city after taking a car renting in Rijeka, because these two cities on the coastline are only 15 kilometers distanced from each other. Known as the Old Dame or Queen of Tourism, Opatija has been popular among tourists from Western Europe and families with children for centuries. If you want to enjoy in the peaceful vacation, beautiful nature, pleasant climate and old architectural style, this town would be an ideal option.

Opatija is located in the peaceful Kvarner Bay, in the foothills of the Ucka Mountain. With a population of more than 11,600 citizens, it is the third largest city in Croatia.

It seems that Opatija has always been on the radar of the aristocracy and wealthy people. The touristic side of the story of this city started in 1844, when famous and rich merchant from Rijeka Higinij Scarpa  decided to build a summer house there. After opening of the first hotel, guests from Budapest and Wien marked Opatija as their favorite destination. A list of famous guests is long, but we should mention Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, royal couples from Germany and Sweden, so as many Europeans dukes, counts and princes. With car rental in Opatija, you can follow their footsteps and find out why this place is so special.

Car Rental in Opatija – Quick Review

Opatija is well-connected with other countries in Europe, so as with almost all other parts of Croatia. Rent a car in Slovenia might be a great way of visiting this beautiful country. There are many quality roads around the city, particularly highway between Zagreb and Rijeka. Of course, if you decide to use this road, you will have to pay a toll.

There are no special driving rules when use car rental in Opatija compared with the rest of the country. This means that you will have to drive on the right side of the road, with overtaking on the left.

When you drive through the city, make sure that you drive slower than 50 kilometers per hour. Of course, even the smallest amount of alcohol is prohibited and this is considered as a serious offence.

Wearing seatbelts is mandatory, even for the passengers at the back seats. Children younger than 12 years must not sit in front.

Drivers from the EU do not have to possess an international driver’s license if it is older than two years.

If you are renting a car in Zagreb, you will have to use the E71 highway to reach Opatija. The road is in excellent condition and after 170 kilometers of a pleasant ride; you will be at your destination.

In general, almost all agencies allow driving abroad. However, some Eastern European countries are considered as risky, especially Albania. Before the trip, it would be recommended to talk with your agent and consider all options.

You can choose between many options when considering car rental in Opatija, and the offers and prices are diverse. For example, for a small city car like Renault Twingo, you will have to pay 139 euros per day. The most expensive option is a van, which will cost you approximately 360 euros. All agencies in the city have standard insurance policies and they accept all types of credit cards. Of course, pick up full and return full fuel policy is the most common.