Find Car Rental in New Mexico

The state of Mexico is situated in the southwestern and western areas of the United States. The state with a rich history has diverse cultures offering extraordinary food and attractive mountains, forests, deserts, lakes and a lot more. The first atomic bomb was tested in one of its numerous large plain areas.

New Mexico has thirty airports, of which Albuquerque Intl Airport (Albuquerque, NM) is the most significant, handling about 2000 domestic flights /week and offering non-stop flights to 25 cities. Some of the important Airlines touching down this airport include United, Southwest and Lufthansa. Visitors have reported that car rental in Albuquerque works out cheaper if you hire a car at the airport itself.

New Mexico has a lovely weather from mid August to mid October with many festivals and celebrations. If you want to indulge in outdoor activities, you should visit it during the high season that lasts from June to mid August and again from December to March.

Albuquerque is 5000ft above sea level, while Santa Fe and Taos are 7000ft and the mountains are at 13,000ft above sea level. As a result, those reaching here may take some time to get used to the difference in altitude. So, you may rest for a day or two and keep drinking water frequently as NM is quite dry. The sun is also bright most of the days and one should also take precautionary measures to avoid getting sunburns. Moreover, you should be careful if you go hiking during monsoon when lightning strikes.

Driving in Mexico

You should be driving if you really want to experience Mexico. Driving in Mexico is quite safe. In fact, it is not much different than driving elsewhere in the USA except that it is slightly more expensive. Speed Limit for interstate driving at night is 75MPH. At night, do not drive on two lane roads as there are many lose animals on the road. If it becomes unavoidable, you can drive on toll roads for about one hour after sunset. Toll roads are good like anywhere else in Canada and the US. You’ll often find buses and trucks on two lane highways to keep their left blinker on. Such a signal means they are prompting drivers behind to overtake them.

Citizens of Canada and the USA don’t require a visa for traveling in Mexico as a tourist but they do require a Mexican tourist card if they are going beyond its border for over seven days. You’ll also require a Mexican car permit for driving your car in New Mexico. Then, you need to pay a deposit for your car in cash or by credit card. The amount you deposit is refundable but depends on the model and make of your car, newer models attracting higher deposit. It is necessary to have good Mexican auto insurance.

Car Rental in New Mexico

You would know car rental to be paid varies with the city where you rent it and the variation can be quite large. For instance, you can rent a car in Columbus for less than $30/day whereas renting a car in Honolulu would cost you close to $ 100/day. Fortunately, car rental in New Mexico is on the lower side.  For example you could go for a car rental in New Mexico at $30. Of course you’ll need to add taxes in all the prices mentioned here. Even the penalty to be paid for being less than the specified age of 25 years is low with some of the local companies. Car rental in New Mexico could motivate some to visit this land of diversity!