Car Rental In Netherlands – Driving Below The Sea Level

The Kingdom of Netherlands consists of Netherland (informally known as Holland), placed in Western Europe and three small islands in the Caribbean. It borders with Germany (car renting in Germany) , Belgium (renting a car in Belgium) and have common maritime borders with Belgium, UK and Germany.

The Netherlands is a very small country, with “only” 41,500 square kilometers. On the other hand, with an estimated population of almost 17 million people, it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, just behind Bangladesh, South Korea and Taiwan.

Through the history, the Netherlands was famous because of its liberal government and points of views, which are held to these days. Today, this country is a leader in many aspects of the human rights, especially in the same sex marriages, drug use, prostitution and religion believes.

The capital of the state is Amsterdam (rent a car in Amsterdam), but the government and parliament are settled in The Hague.

The official currency is euro.

The first official language is Dutch, while people from the northern province Friesland use West Frisian, which is the second official language. The majority of population also speaks English.

High humidity, moderate winters and cold summers make the main characteristic of the local climate.

The Netherlands have a very strong economy, with powerful industry, service sector and agriculture. Despite the problem with floods (almost whole territory is below sea level) and lack of the land, Dutch managed to become the world’s leaders of agricultural export in many branches.

All about car rental in Netherlands

Although a public transport is very developed, especially railroads network, the majority of Dutch prefer to use bicycles or small motorcycles. In fact, the Netherlands have the biggest number of bicycles per capita in the world. Be very careful when using car rental in  Netherlands, especially in the big cities, where bicycles always have priority over vehicles.

Car rental in Netherlands will be definitely pleasant experience, primarily because of the modern and quality road infrastructure and excellent traffic signalization. The driving culture is also at the high level, maybe because of the high penalties and frequent police patrols.

All those who opt for the car rental in Netherlands must drive on the right side of the road. Seat belts and headlights are mandatory. Of course, using a cell phone is not allowed, so you will have to use hands free device while driving.

In the urban areas, maximal speed is 50 kilometers per hour. Between cities, you can drive up to 80 km/h, and on the highways, maximal speed is 110 km/h. Try to follow these rules because there are many cameras and radar traps along the roads.

You must be older than 21 years if you want to rent a car and to have valid driver’s license from domestic country for at least one year. All drivers younger than 25 years will have to pay 10 euros per day.

An international driver’s license is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Of course, make sure that you have passport, insurance and other document with you all the time.

Maximal allowed level of the alcohol is 50 mg/ml, but for drivers with less than five years of experience it is 29 mg/ml.

The best places for renting your car are at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven, Rotterdam Airport or Maastricht Airport. The cheapest package cost around 86 euros for a small city car. Luxury cars like BMW and similar can go up to 400 euros per day.