Exploring Japan Is Easier With Car Rental in Nagoya

Nagoya is the capital and biggest city of Aichi region. It’s the fourth largest city of Japan and very well connected by air, road and train to all major cities like Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto etc. Chubu Centrair International Airport, the third major international airport of Japan (rent a car Japan), is constructed on a manmade island.  It provides facilities of two hotels, one shopping concourse, restaurants and a spa, offering views of its runway. Visitors will find it a lot friendlier than the airports of Osaka and Tokyo.

The quickest and most convenient way of reaching central Nagoya from the airport is provided by the Meitetsu Airport Line.  Every thirty minutes there is a fast train that takes 28 minutes to reach destination and costs ¥1200. Slower trains are also available every 30 minutes, taking 37 minutes to reach central Nagoya.

Nagoya has a varying climate all through the year. Average low temperature in January is about 40 °F (nearly 4°C) but in August it rises to 95°F or 35°C.  Like most other cities of Japan, summers in Nagoya are really hot and humid, with temperature hovering over 86°F during August. Those who can’t bear that level of heat would better visit Nagoya during autumn or spring when the temperature is milder.

Currency and Visa

1 US $ = 124 Japanese Yen JPY (¥)   One JPY equals 100 sen

Those with a US passport and most residents of the EU and visitors from New Zealand and Australia and don’t require a visa for staying in Japan for less than 90 days. UK citizens may stay without visa for up to 180 days. Nationals from all other countries require visa for entering in Japan.

Explore Car Rental in Nagoya

Car rental in Nagoya makes a viable option when you want to explore parts of rural Japan wherein means of public transport may be infrequent and/or inconvenient.  It may also prove to be an economical option for group traveling.  Otherwise, car rental in Nagoya is no different than renting a car in New York City, needing almost the same documents and driving in heavy traffic plus exorbitant parking fees. Major companies that offer car rental in Nagoya include Toyota Rentacar, Orix Rentacar, Times Car Rental, Nippon Rentacar, and Ekiren. One can rent a car in any size, including buses, vans and RVs. All these companies have a number of outlets in Nagoya. However, not many companies offer online reservation in English but some provide phone numbers for bookings in English. ToCoo! Travel and Japan Experience are among the companies that provide an online reservation form in English.  These companies have contracts with the already mentioned companies, and provide GPS and telephone support in English. The usual 24 hour fee for a compact car is 7500 yen and 10,000 yen for a midsized car. However rates may go up in peak periods. Some companies offer cars for short periods of six to twelve hours too. The said prices are generally inclusive of unlimited mileage, mandatory minimum insurance charge of one thousand yen per day and taxes. The insurance doesn’t include non-operational fee caused by any damage to a car. Drop off to relatively closer locations is offered without charge by most companies. However drop off to distant locations or different cities will be very expensive. For instance, car renting in Tokyo and dropping it off in Nagoya will cost you tens of thousands of yen.