About Car Rental In Mumbai

Bombay, now called Mumbai, is also known as the gateway of India (car renting in India). It ranks sixth in the list of most populated cities of the world. Mumbai, called the commercial capital of India, is perhaps the richest city of this country. Mumbai is the party capital, the film capital and the city of gold. It has an International airport which is touched down by most international airlines. Unless you want to experience monsoon in Mumbai, the best time to visit this financial capital of India is from October to March. You’ll find scores of opportunities for car rental in Bombay but not many offer self driven cars, they provide you with a driver. Yes, you can get many willing to drop you to your hotel from the airport.

Visa & Currency

You require an Indian visa for traveling to Mumbai.

Indian currency is the Rupee (INR)

One US dollar fetches you over 60 Indian Rupees.

All major credit cards are accepted. You can easily locate ATM all over the city. Conversion of foreign currency poses no problems with many certified money changers and banks. Many hotels and airports too offer this facility.

Driving in Mumbai

Driving in Mumbai is no different than driving in any major Indian city like New Delhi (car rent in New Delhi) or Mombasa (renting a car in Mombasa). Mumbai has grown far beyond the wildest dreams of its founders. Though the roads are generally good, and so is the service of local trains connecting various suburbs, the number and variety of vehicles using the same parts of the road leads to traffic congestion.

You should know that in Mumbai and the rest of India, you drive on your left. Visitors from the US/continental Europe (or countries in which cars have a left-hand drive), may find it confusing initially. Additionally, most cars have manual transmission with lever for changing gears on your left.

Explore Car Rental In Mumbai

There are a lot of companies providing car rentals but most car rental in Mumbai don’t allow you to self drive your hired car. Instead, they provide a driver to take you around. Driving a car on your left with manual transmission in a new city crowded with variety of vehicles can be somewhat challenging for most visitors. Driving in Mumbai is no pleasure but a pain. Traffic here comprises of buses, Lorries, motorcycles, three wheelers, bicycles and even carts driven by horses and bullocks and most drivers don’t seem to believe that lane driving is sane driving. It is not unusual to come across half dug roads and barricades without neon lights! You have to be more careful at night when drunk drivers are moving around despite strict policing.

Well, there are a few car rental in Mumbai options offering self-driven cars and on searching the net you can find a number of individuals in Mumbai with 2/3 cars willing to lend you their car that you may drive on your own for traveling within the state/country. You’ll need to chat and negotiate prices and terms. For reasons of driving conditions already mentioned, it won’t be a very sensible decision for foreigners in India to self drive their cars in a city like Mmubai or any other major Indian city for that matter. And, considering the charges of Mumbai car rentals there is hardly any motivation in driving on your own.

For instance, you can hire an air conditioned mid size car to seat four passengers and English speaking driver for eight hours and travel up to 80 Km within the city for about INR 2,000 i.e. for just about forty US dollars. You don’t have to pay any extra charge for anything except toll fee, if applicable and parking charges. Would you still prefer driving on your own?