Explore The Beauty With Car Rental in Montana

 Montana, located in the NW United States, is bounded by North Dakota and South Dakota (E), Wyoming (S), Idaho (W), and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan (N). The state has 270 airports, each city having at least one.  Airlines that fly to Montana (MT) include Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Allegiant Air LLC, United Airlines, Cape Air and Frontier Airlines Inc. You’ll need to check which airliner can take to your chosen destination.

It gets maximum rains during June. July and August are preferred by many who like swimming in lakes and rivers but these months attract maximum tourists too. September offers good weather minus too many crowds. Early October is superb if you want to see fall colors. Anytime in the winter is fine for peace and quiet!

As you would know the US is a vast country, it has different time zones and many states readjust time once a year.  Current time zone of Montana is UTC/GMT -6 hours.

Speed limits for Driving in the US

Speed limits in the United States are set by each state or territory. Some states have lower limits for trucks and for driving at night, and occasionally there are minimum specified speeds too. The maximum speed limits are usually 75 to 80 mph, though some states specify a maximum speed limit of 65mph. The upper limit for driving in Montana is 65mph.

The highest speed limits are generally 75–80 mph (121-133 km/h) in western states and 70 mph (113 km/h) in eastern states. A few states, mostly in the Northeast Megalopolis, have 65 mph (105 km/h) limits, and Hawaii only has a maximum limit of 60 mph (97 km/h). Parts of the Idaho, Montana and Nevada (after October 1, 2015, for both states), South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming road networks have 80 mph limits.

Traffic in all sates moves on the right-hand side of the road. Those coming from a country driving on the left may find it odd and take time getting used to it.


Before planning to visit the US, make sure you understand your legal status. Depending on your nationality and the purpose of your trip, you may need an entry visa, residence permit and/or work permit. There are over a dozen types of Visas issued for entering the US.

Explore Car Rental in Montana

Local gas prices in Montana:

  • Regular: $2.82
  • Mid-Grade: $2.97
  • Premium: $3.17
  • Diesel: $2.81

Montana is a vast state, with thousands of miles of open roads and the best way to explore it is by traveling by road. Car rental in Montana is widely accessible for traveling from any airport to the state’s most renowned places or everywhere in-between. Car renting in Arizona and other nearby states will offer you a lot of options as well.

Montana car rentals may not necessarily provide you with a car having Montana plate as many cars have Utah and Idaho plates and certain national parks may charge additional fee for cars not carrying Montana plate.

Many car rentals can’t be driven to another state so you would have to rent a car in Wyoming if you would like to visit that state. You may like checking it at the time of booking, if you plan traveling to another state. One way car rentals in Montana for going to different cities are offered by some of the bigger car rental companies, but work out very expansive, almost prohibitive. So, you should certainly check one way car rental prices and compare the expense of air travel before making any decision. It can really make a difference. Car rental in Montana for an economy car vary from $20 to $25 per day. Maximum number of car rental location are from Budget (14), followed by Hertz with 12 locations and Avis offering 11 locations. Renting a car in Utah will have similar numbers to these. There are host of other car rental companies in Montana and should not cause you any stress, whichever place you may be in.