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Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya (car renting in Kenya) is located on the Indian Ocean. Its history dates back to the 16th century, and it has been ruled by the Arabs, Portuguese, and British, all of which have influenced the town’s culture and the attractions. The city is located on Mombasa Island, separated from the mainland by two creeks, Kilindini Harbor on the south and Tudor Creek on the west. It houses Moi International Airport. June to mid-august and again from December to mid January is the peak season as travelers visit Kenya to watch migration of wild animals.

Mombasa is 5 miles from Moi International Airport (Mombasa, Kenya) and you can book Mombasa car rentals for going to the city or take a cab. There are no direct flights from USA to Kenya. Direct flights to Nairobi are offered seven times a week from Heathrow by both Kenya Airways and British Airways. You can also visit the neighboring countries with a car – Rwanda (rent a car in Rwanda) and Comoros (renting a car in Comoros).

Mombasa-Kenya time zone is UTC/GMT +3 hours

Visa & Currency

Citizens of just about a dozen countries don’t require visa for visiting Kenya. It is recommended that visitors should consult their nearest Kenyan Embassy for latest information regarding visa.

You can also get visa on arrival, a single trip Kenya visa costs $50 £30 or €40, and at Mombasa they always accept all these currencies.

The Kenya currency unit is the Shilling (KSH), divided in 100 cents.

One US dollar equals about 85 Kenyan shillings

Almost all Kenyan Banks have ATMs, but some would accept only a limited type of cards. Barclays Bank should be your best option, as their ATMs are available in most Kenyan towns and they accept Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus and Plus bank cards. Some ATMs (e.g. at the airport) also give out US dollars, UK pounds or Euros.

Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards are broadly accepted in Kenya. Many shops and restaurants use manual systems as automatic dial-up systems for credit card transactions are not available in all areas yet. It is desirable to use your credit card in more up-market places.

US dollars, UK pounds or Euros can easily be converted to Kenyan currency. You may visit the Bureau d’Exchange (Foreign exchange) or ‘Forex’ bureaus found everywhere in the country. Most of them don’t charge commission.

Simcards are available at all airports in Nairobi and Mombasa. You’ll require a copy of passport in order to register the simcard before use.

Driving in Mombasa and Kenya

Visitors to Kenya must drive using an international driver’s license. Driving is on the left hand side.

Distances signposted are measured in Km.

Road conditions in Mombasa vary a lot and can be very poor in remote areas. Make sure that your vehicle is suitable for handling rough roads before embarking on a journey. You may seek help of car rental in Mombasa  before starting on your excursion trip.

It is not advisable to drive at night in most areas.

Explore Car Rental In Mombasa

Per liter price of gasoline in Mombasa may vary from 89.00 to 96.00 KSH

Car rentals are extensively available in Mombasa, Nairobi and other large towns. Apart from Avis and Hertz, you can find a number of other car rental companies.  Before hiring a car, you should check all legalities and sign appropriate contracts. Most companies who offer car rental in Mombasa charge a set per kilometer or unlimited rate. You get cars with full tank and need to be returned with full tank.

Gasoline (1 liter)         91.67 KSH      89.00 96.00

Here are average prices for car rental in Mombasa.

MITSUBISHI LANCER or equivalent costs about $100/day

MITSUBISHI PAJERO will cost about $250/day

Rates include 250 KM per rental, theft protection, and collision damage waiver. Additional distance charge may apply 0.39 USD. Under age surcharge may also apply. No show fee may apply. Air conditioner plus radio is available in almost all cars.