Car Rental In Lucerne – Over The Old Wooden Bridge

Lucerne is located in the heart of Switzerland and with its unusual architecture, mythological history and beautiful landscapes, it represents a very popular tourist destination of many globetrotters. This is the reason why you simply must visit this city if you decide to use car renting in Switzerland. It is the capital and administrative center of Lucerne canton, which includes German-speaking part of the country. You can always rent a car in Berlin and enjoy in this beautiful city.

With about 80,500 citizens, Lucerne is the most populous city in Central Switzerland.

Placed on the shore of the Lucerne Lake, the town occupies a territory of about 29 square kilometers. It is a small but very exciting city, with many magnificent places that you should not miss if you want to use car rental in Lucerne.

The main reason of economic prosperity of the city lies in tax-cutting policies. Today, the whole Lucerne canton is marked as the best area for business and investing in Switzerland. The second reason why international companies are so interested in investing in this city is affordable land and plenty of office space, which is not the case with other Swiss towns.

The symbol of the city is the Chapel Bridge, the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe. It is named after the St. Peter’s Chapel, and represents the most visited tourist spot in the city and the ideal option for all those who are planning a car rental in Lucerne. The bridge is painted with many pictures, which date from the 17th century.

Just beside the bridge is an octagonal tower, a monumental building from 14th century, which was used for different purposes throughout the history- from a typical system of defense over the city’s archive to the place for torturing.

In the heart of the city, you can enjoy in the beauty of the famous sculpture The Lyon Monument, which was built in memory of Swiss soldiers who were killed during the glorious French revolution. Marc Twain described this sculpture of a dying lion as the saddest and the most touching pieces of stone in the world.

Of course, if you do not want to explore the city by car, public transport is always a great option.

Enjoy in car rental in Lucerne

Before you arrange renting a car in Zurich or any Swiss city, you must know that dipped headlights are mandatory for all types of vehicles, even during the day. All children younger than eight years must sit in special kid restraints.

“Drinking and driving” is not the best option, because the maximum allowed level of alcohol in the blood is 0,005% and the fines are extremely high. There are many random police controls along all Swiss roads, so try to avoid alcoholic beverages.

As in the most of European countries, driving is on the left side of the road.

During the winter season, snow chains are also mandatory.

All drivers with eyeglasses must have a spare pair.

There are many radars along the city and between towns, which is the reason why every driver have to be very careful about speed limits. Do not use radar detectors or similar devices- it is considered as a serious offense.

You can choose between many options when considering car rental in Lucerne. Almost all big companies have their offices in the city, including Hertz, Avis and Budget.