Experience The Driving Madness of Megapolis With Car Rental In Lima

Lima is the capital, economic, cultural, and political center, and is the largest city in Peru (rent a car in Peru). In fact, Lima is not a city, it is more like Megapolis, because there are 10 million people living in its urban area. It takes the central coastal position in the country.

About Lima

The history of this city date from the pre-Columbian era and, according to the historian traces, it was founded by the famous Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro. For some people, Lima is truly a museum under the open sky, because you can notice relicts from the ancient time in almost every corner of the old city center. Quite the opposite situation is with the modern areas, with high skyscrapers, glass towers and concrete buildings. It is a city that expanding its borders at high speed.

We said that Lima is the educational and cultural center of the Peru. It has a number of great museums that covers almost all aspects of the old and rich history of Peru. So, if you want to learn something about the pre-Columbian period, then you should visit Museo Nacional de Arqueología or Antropología e Historia del Perú. For those who like art, Museum of Art of Lima would be the best choice. For those who prefer European art, there is a famous Museum of the Italian Art.

It should also be noted that Lima is known as a city with the most universities in the South American continent.

It is therefore natural that Lima is a big attraction for tourists, especially the old city core, whose two parts, Lima and Rimac, are under the protection of UNESCO.

Driving Rules

Lima is not the perfect place for driving. In fact, some people think it is a very dangerous place to drive a vehicle in. There are many proofs for this remark. Peru is on the black list of towns because it has the biggest death rate caused by the car accidents! The statistics show us that car crashes and traffic accidents are the main cause of death for kids in Lima.

This is probably the reason why more than 80 percent of the population of Lima is using public transport. This is also a reason why Lima is the city with a huge number of taxis – more than 230,000.

It seems that local drivers have their own driving rules, because majority of them do not take care about the green and red light, they often forget about the pedestrians and people on bikes. Although it is not always obvious, you should drive on the right side if you are in Peru. The same goes for nearby countries – Ecuador (renting a car in Ecuador) and Bolivia (car renting in Bolivia).

Car Rental In Lima – Where to Go?

If you want to explore the beauty of the Peruvian capital, use the public transport. On the other hand, if you want to go out of Lima, then car rental in Lima would be the best solution. You can find specialized renting agencies in almost every district in the city, and they can meet almost all customers’ desires. They have all models of vehicles, regardless of whether you are searching for the car with automatic transmission or car with the classic stick.

You will be able to rent a car from $60 to $80 in Lima, but you will have to add 18 percent to this price for insurance. The gasoline in Peru costs around $5 per gallon.

If you don’t know where to go for car rental in Lima, try with these popular agencies in Lima: Alamo Rent a car, Avis, Basic Car rental, Budget Rent a Car. Enjoy, and drive safe.