Car Rental in Kyoto – Where Tradition Meets Modern Technology

When you really want to discover Japan, its history and culture, you should certainly visit historical city of Kyoto. Here, you can experience its traditional temples, festivals, gardens, geisha, shrines, shops and restaurants.  The city gives you the most rewarding experience.

Three airports provide easy access to Kyoto. The airport closest to Kyoto is Osaka (renting a car in Osaka) International Airport that mostly serves domestic flights. Airport limousine bus takes fifty minutes to drop you at Kyoto.  This is the most convenient way to enter Kyoto. In fact, certain airlines fly you free from Narita if you patronize them for flying internationally. You may also fly into Kansai International Airport and reach Kyoto in about ninety minutes by an express train.  The Central Japan International Airport is not even ninety minutes from Kyoto if you travel by airport express. You may choose either option, depending on where from you are coming.

Late March and early April is the season of cherry blossom and thus most popular among tourists, making it very crowded.  Fall foliage during November to early December is also great but not very crowded.  So, spring and fall make the ideal time to visit as the temperature is warm to cool and sky is generally sunny.

Learn More About Car Rental in Kyoto

When you like to take a daytrip or spend a night out of Kyoto to explore places like Kitayama Mountains or the Kii Peninsula, your best option should be car rental in Kyoto. You’ll realize this option is not as expensive as renting a car in Tokyo or any other big Japanese city. You may not rent a car in Kyoto for going around this city but there are places worth exploring, not far away from Kyoto. On driving to places like Osaka, Kobe or Nara, you’ll appreciate how beautiful Japan is and pleasant the drives are.  Once you move out of the main town, driving is very safe and comfortable.  The only problem is that if you are not used to driving on left, it will take you some time getting used to it. Of course, you’ll need to drive carefully on narrow roads that you find not only in rural area but also in urban areas of Japan. Driving in areas adjoining Kyoto is easy and you may venture to explore more distant regions, like the Kitayama or the interiors the Kii-hanto Peninsula. It may also come as a pleasant surprise to you that you can go for car rental in Kyoto for one day for about Y8000, inclusive of full insurance. Fuel cost in Japan averages to Y150 per liter.

You may be wondering if navigation could be tricky as the signposts are in English only on the bigger roads.  Thankfully, most companies that rent a car in Japan are equipped with first class GPS and many of these can be tuned to display directions and controls in English.  If you are aware of the address or telephone number of the place you intend visiting, you may ask your provider of car rental in Kyoto to program your navigation system accordingly.  Should you find the reservation system complex or are not inclined to do it on your own you can even seek help of a local tour agency for doing the needful for you.