Car Rental In Kuwait – The Land Of Luxury

The country known as Kuwait –officially the State of Kuwait– is located in Western Asia, in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia and at the tip of the Persian Gulf. This country borders with Iraq and with Saudi Arabia.

General Information

Kuwait City is the capital and largest city. From a census in 2014, the population of Kuwait is of 4.1 million people, from which 2.8 million are expatriates. Their government is classified as a constitutional monarchy. The ruling family of the country are the Al Sabah, but there is also the National Assembly parliament that consists of fifty elected members. The economy of Kuwait is based on petroleum, and it is recognized as a high income economy by the World Bank.


The currency that is used in Kuwait is the Kuwait Dinar (KWD). One Kuwait Dinar would be worth 3.30 US Dollars. This means that for every 0.302 Kuwait Dinars you get one US Dollar. The Kuwait Dinar was first introduced in 1961 after the country gained its independence, and it is actually the highest-valued currency in the world.


The climate of Kuwait could be classified as arid, but there are considerable temperature differences between summer and winter. Summers are very long and bring along dust storms, but they can also be humid in the late months. Then starting around October the climate changes drastically, having temperatures as low as -6 ªC at night and 10-17 ªC during the day.

Driving Laws

The laws regarding driving are very similar to the ones in America, for instance: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving without a valid driving license, speeding, unauthorized racking, wrong-side driving, failure to fasten the seat belt, attempting to flee after being involved in an accident, racing on the public roads and not stopping at a red traffic light are all penalties. Quite strict rules also apply for those who are car renting in Israel.

Some of these penalties can be punished with time in prison, and others with a fine that can range from 10 to 300 Kuwait Dinars or even higher. In this country, driving laws are taken very seriously. Since 2001 the National Assembly has introduced stiffer penalties to ensure that all roads and highways are safe for everyone. Be careful not to break any rules when taking a car rental in Kuwait. The same goes for those who want to rent a car in Qatar.

Where to go?

There are so many places to visit in Kuwait, and they all have their own interesting things to show. For example, there are the Kuwait Towers, which are a landmark of the country, and they are located on the Arabian Gulf. There is also the Failaka Island, one of the most visited destinations in Kuwait, also located in the Persian Gulf. Or the Grand Mosque, an amazing site with traditional Islamic architecture, also referred to as Al-Masjid Al-Kabir. Or there is also the Dhow Harbor, where there are old sailing ships and you can get on board the last survivor wooden dhow.

It’s Safe To Use Car Rental In Kuwait

But the best part about visiting Kuwait is the easy way in which you can move. The country is very strict regarding its driving laws, so even if you are renting a car in Iraq and coming to Kuwait, make sure you obey the law at all times. It should be noted that it is very safe to travel by car. Renting a car is always better because you are comfortable, alone and can go wherever you want, and in Kuwait there are endless places you can choose from.