Explore Car Rental In Koh Phangan

Phangan or Ko Pha Ngan, also spelled as Koh Phangan, is located in Suratthani Province of Thailand (rent car in Thailand). Koh Phangan is around 100 km away from the town of Suratthani and is situated between Koh Samui (renting car in Koh Samui) and Koh Tao (40km). In fact, there are two other islands too, namely Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao but Koh Phangan is the most popular among tourists and locals due its admirable natural treasures in the most conserved state, as can be guessed from the fact that it has just one primary school and its population in 2005 was only 14,000! The most popular event that visitors look forward to is the Full Moon Party at Haad Rin.

The island experiences two seasons only, summer and rainy. In May it reaches its maximum temperature of 35.5°C while the lowest of 24°C is experienced in December end. The most pleasant time to visit Koh Phangan Islands is from February to April. Tourists started arriving here just about twenty years ago.

Visa & Currency

You’ll need a tourist visa for entering Thailand

Currency of Thailand is Baht

US $1.00 = 34.00 Thailand Baht (THB)

How to reach Koh Phangan Islands

Koh Phangan is accessible by road and sea from Bangkok (car renting in Bangkok). Air travel is provided by Bangkok Airway that takes you to Samui. On reaching Samui, you may ask for a vehicle to drive you to Phra Yai or Big Buddha Pier for onward trip to Phangan. On using this option, you arrive in the south of the island, on Haad Rin Beach by Haad Rin Queen, operating four daily trips. Some companies also take you straight to Thong Sala in a speedboat or the high speed Catamaran from Big Buddha Pier or Bo Phut Beach.

Driving in KOH PHANGAN

Driving rules are the same as in the rest of Thailand, here’s a quick revision:

Drive on the left side

You’ll need your driving license along with International driving permit.

Use of seatbelts is mandatory

Don’t drink and drive!

Koh Phangan is somewhat mountainous and dirt roads are common. If you are looking for better roads, you should confine your driving trips to the west of the island, as this part is generally plain.  Streets in the south and northeast can be more dangerous, particularly during raining season.

Car rentals in Koh Phangan – Where to Go?

You won’t find any international car rental in Koh Phangan.  There are only a couple of local operators.  Other than the car rental in Koh Phangan, there are quite a few options for visitors who are keen to explore this beautiful place. These options include quad drivers, jet skis, kayaks, wind-surfing and kite surfing, speedboats, fishing or sailing boats, some resorts have tuktuk service too and last but not least: even elephants!

However, if you must insist on having your own vehicle, it is advisable to have a Jeep, because of the road conditions mentioned already. Most Koh Phangan car rental offices are located in Thong Sala, in the southwest of Koh Phangan, which also has the pier, the arrival point of most boats from Surratthani, Koh Samui. Don Sak and Koh Tao dock. Thong Sala also houses the largest community of the island. Per day rental of a 4 wheel vehicle ranges from 1000-1500 Baht.