Car Rental in Kansas – The State Of Tranquility

The State of Kansas is located in the Great Plains region of the USA. Geographically, it is in the center of the country and is also nicknamed as “the Heart of America.”  Its capital city is Topeka.  In all, the state contains 367 airports, including domestic and international. The foremost airport is at Wichita that serves to nearly a dozen cities.  A number of smaller cities have a rather limited commercial service. The international airport at Kansas City, a public airport, is about fifteen miles northwest of downtown Kansas City. The largest carriers to Kansas City are Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines, both offering a number of daily flights at Terminal B.

Lots of people flying into this state come via Kansas City (Missouri). If you decide to travel to Kansas by road from the west or east, your best route would be to take I-70 which meets I-35 in Kansas City. I-135 goes from Wichita to Salina to connect the other two main interstate highways.

Should you be interested to travel by train, your only choice would be Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, traveling east-west through the state. It travels via Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, Newton, Hutchinson, Dodge City, and Garden City. It is a daily train. Greyhound Lines also offer daily service to and from a number of destinations of Kansas.

Driving in Kansas

If you are visiting Kansas during summer and spring, you should know that harsh thunderstorms accompanied with hail and winds are not unusual. While striking a deal with car rental in Kansas make sure to have a GPS and a radio in your car. On hearing a tornado siren look for the nearest tornado shelter.  Don’t leave you car and go out to take snaps. Tornadoes are known to shift paths abruptly. If the skies turn cloudy and the light turns greenish yellow, treat this as an indication of impending hail storm and seek shelter without losing much time.

The average price of fuel in Kansas is $2.687 per gallon.

Discover Car rental in Kansas

In the absence any reliable means of public transport, you’ll need to depend on car rental in Kansas.  Even the bigger cities like Topeka, Kansas City and Wichita have very limited public transport. You can experience the state by spending time on its roads.  It will be good to spare some time and plan your movement in such a way that you are off the main highways and get to see the countryside.  You’ll require international driving permit plus your passport for renting a car in Kansas City.  Before you rent a car in Topeka or any other city of Kansas, it will be better to plan your trip to make the most of it. There is no dearth of car rental companies in Kansas and you are most likely to find your favorite car rental in Kansas. Charges for car renting in Wichita and most of Kansas’ cities start from about $35/day for a compact car and go to $45 /day for midsized car, including taxes and fees.  Weekly charges are very attractive. All cars come fitted with AC plus automatic transmission. When in Topeka, you may consider going to a drive in theater to watch a movie and have beer along with, but they don’t accept any credit/debit card, cash only.