Car Rental In Jordan

Jordan is a kingdom in the Middle East , almost land-locked except for a small 28km outlet on the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba and a frontage on the Sea. It has borders with Israel and the West Bank (Palestinian Territories) on the west, Syria on the north, Iraq on the east and Saudi Arabia in its  south. Amman is capital of the kingdom. Other than the Royal Jordanian, over 20 international air carriers fly into Queen Alia International Airport, located 35km south of Amman but you find most of the expected facilities here, though you will easily get buses and taxis at night also for reaching Amman. This is the main airport. The other two include Amman Civil Airport and King Hussein International Airport; the latter is gateway to the red sea. March to May is the high season.

Visa & Currency

Visitors with a valid passport may obtain a visa at any Jordanian embassy, consulate, or legation abroad.

Single Entry visas valid for two months: 40 JOD (around 56 USD)

The local currency is the Jordanian Dinar; symbol JD, also pronounced as “jaydee.”

1.00 JOD         =          1.41163 USD

Credit cards are accepted at hotels, restaurants and bigger shops, including American Express, Visa, Diners Club, and MasterCard. However, many smaller shops still prefer cash payment in the Jordanian currency, which is indispensable for shopping in the local souks. Currency can be exchanged at major banks, exchange booths and at most hotels. Street money-changers are best avoided.

Details On Car Rental In Jordan

Traveling from one city to another or when you like to visit places like the Kings’ Highway, Dana or Baida, and Wadi Mujib, your best option will be to look for Jordan car rentals or to rent a car in Amman.  Driving in Jordan is not particularly difficult provided you “expect the unexpected”, particularly in Amman. All road signs except on very minor roads are in English as well as Arabic, and the same hold true for good roads. Avoid hitting goats, horses, camels, or any other livestock which you might meet on any road – including the main Desert Highway!

Petrol prices in Jordan

Unleaded 90 octane 0.655 JD / liter

Unleaded 95 octane 0.840 JD / liter

You can find a number of car rentals in Jordan in Amman and Aqaba. The long list comprises of Avis, Hertz, Entercar and Payless etc. The same options will be offered to you if you are car renting in Kuwait. However, many recommend the “Reliable” and “Montecar”. The website of Jordan Tourist Board gives a rather complete list of rental firms. The usual price for a reasonably modern car with full insurance seems to be around 40 to 50JD/day. Rental agencies prefer an international driving license, but are usually happy enough to accept your national one. You may hire a car in Amman and leave it in Aqaba; the drop off charge is generally one day rental. Likewise, you may leave the car at the King Hussein Bridge for going to Israel.

The Desert Highway

By using car rental in Jordan, you might want to drive on this main north/south highway, completed a couple of years ago. It bears traffic not only from Aqaba to Ramtha (the foremost point for crossing Syrian) but from Yemen to Turkey (read more about renting a car in Turkey) and points north. The road is good, but mind those speed traps as the police are very active here. During the “Hadj” period, this highway develops into the main road towards Mecca, carrying massive traffic and it is best avoided around that time. You should know that Desert Highway isn’t the same as the Kings’ Highway. This is a twisting mountainous road, making it impossible to gain any speed.