Car Rental In Ireland – In The Country Of Celts

Republic of Ireland is an island country, located in the northwestern part of Europe. It occupies territory of more than 70,200 square kilometers of the island of Ireland. It shares land borders with Northern Ireland, which is a part of the United Kingdom, together with England (car renting in England) and Scotland (renting a car in Scotland).

The capital and the largest city is Dublin (car rent in Dublin), where lives about one third of the general population of 4,6 million people. The official currency is the euro, which replaced Irish pound in 2002.

According to the Constitution, Irish is the national language, but the majority of the population speaks English. Traditional dialect is still dominant in rural areas in the west, which are commonly known as the Gealtacht.

Ireland is a unitary parliamentary republic. The head of the state is the president, whose mandate lasts seven years. The whole country is divided into 26 traditional counties, which represent local government.

Because of the closeness of the Atlantic Ocean and powerful Gulf Stream, the climate is pretty much moderate, without extreme temperatures. For example, the lowest temperature during the winter never goes below -5 and temperatures above 26 Celsius are really rare in summer.

Ireland has a very diverse landscape, with steep cliff on the west, while the central region is mostly covered with clay and sand. Despite these rough conditions, Ireland has a number of breathtaking natural beauties. In fact, this country is known as the “green country”, primarily because of the big areas under forests, grasslands and pastures. One of the places you definitely must visit if you decide to use car rental in Ireland is The Cliff of Mothers, which rises more than 120 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most popular tourist destinations in the country, with almost a million visits per year.

Ireland has one of the strongest economies in the world, with powerful industry and diverse service sector. Thanks to its liberal laws and encouraging economic environment, Ireland is a very popular among international investors. In fact, almost all big international companies such as Intel, Google or Microsoft have their branches there, which has a very positive effect on the budget and export.

Tips on car rental in Ireland

Car rental in Ireland will definitely be a pleasant experience, because this country has very quality roads and the driving culture is at high level. Of course, you will have to drive on the left side of the road. This means that almost all vehicles have steering wheels on the right side, with the gearbox on the left. This can be a little bit awkward in the beginning, but you will get used to it after some practicing. Be very careful on roundabouts because you will have to give way to the right.

An International driver’s license is not required for people with documents on the Roman alphabet. However, if you are planning car rental in Ireland, you will have to be older than 25 years and have a driver’s license for at least five years. All drivers younger than 25 years will have to pay a tax of 30 euros per day.

Complete insurance coverage package costs around 16 euros per day.

All those who want to start exploring Ireland from its famous pubs should know that allowed concentration of alcohol is 0,8 milligrams per milliliter of blood. Be very careful when drinking, because of the frequent police patrols

The best places for car rental are at Dublin Airport, Cork or Kerry city.