Car Rental In Interlaken – Between Two Lakes

Interlaken or “the city between lakes” is located in Central Switzerland in the canton of Bern. It is a small and peaceful town with magnificent landscape and an inevitable base station for all those who want to explore the beauty of the Swiss Alps and nearby lakes. For example, you can rent a car in Lucerne, drive through the Alps and rest for a while in Interlaken. Car renting in Lausanne is also not a bad option.

The town is nestled between two crystal clear lakes- Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, spreading its city walls on the banks of the Aare River.

In the past, Interlaken was important textile, watchmaking and print center of the region and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland. Interlaken started its “career” as reputable resort thanks to the pieces of the famous Swiss landscape artists, primarily Franz Niklaus Koning. After the success of the festival of Swiss culture in 1805, people started to visit this town, mainly because healing properties of mountain air and beautiful nature.

After Second World War, the local community was forced to change previous approach and they started to rebrand their tourist offer. After 1995, Interlaken has become an important international conference center.

Today, the local economy is based on tourism, because the majority of industrial facilities and small workshops do not work anymore. More than 80 percent of the general city population (5659) speaks German, and the second most used language is Portuguese. According to the latest census, only 11 people speak Romansh, a specific Swiss variant of German.

General tips on car rental in Interlaken

There is no need to use car rental in Interlaken if you want to enjoy in this city between two lakes. Probably the best way of exploring Interlaken is by foot, because it occupies an area of only 4,3 square kilometers. Of course, you can always use a bicycle. If you are looking for a romantic experience, tours with boats on lakes and the Aare River should not be missed.

However, car rental in Interlaken can be the perfect solution if you want to visit nearby mountains, primarily the Jungfrau and the Monch. Hiking is also very popular among professional alpinists. There are many high mountain peaks, which are usually more than 3,000 meters above sea level.

There are no special requirements if you decide to explore this region with car rental in Interlaken. The same as in the whole Switzerland, driving is on the right side of the road. Because of the specific mountainous terrain, it would be recommended to rent an off-road vehicle. During the winter, make sure that you have snow chains. On the other hand, using dipped headlights is mandatory during the whole year, despite of the weather conditions.

Using radar detectors is not allowed, so you must be very careful about speed limits wherever you go with renting a car in Switzerland.

All young drivers between 20 and 24 years will have to pay additional fees and they will be charged 19,9 CHF per day. An international driver’s license is not mandatory if you have a valid license from your domestic country longer than one year.

Additional drivers will be also charged 12 CHF per day. Complete insurance coverage packet costs approximately 12 CHF for one day.

If you are driving through the city, you must know that in some residential areas the maximum permitted speed is only 30 kilometers per hour.

The prices for basic renting package vary from 212 euros to 317 euros per day. Europcar is the most popular international agency in the city.