Car Rental in Iguazu Falls – Beware Of The Devil’s Throat

Car rental in Iguazu Falls probably is not the best solution for visiting this top tourist destination on the border between Brazil and Argentina. There are a number of restrictive rules about driving private vehicles, which is a reason why you should stick to the public transport while you are in the National Park. On the other hand, car rental in Iguazu Falls can be an ideal opportunity for planning your trip to other regions of the Argentina or Brazil, or enjoying in the falls from both sides.

Iguazu River is the natural border between Brazil and Argentina. It rises in the area near the Brazilian city Curitiba in the Parana Province. Falls divides the river into two parts, upper and lower, making breathtaking site. In fact, it is now one of the most visited tourist destinations and the leading source of income of the whole region.

Nobody knows for sure how many falls are there. Their number varies from 150 to 300. No matter what, they are real diamond of the nature and something that definitely must not be missed during the vacation in Argentina or Brazil. Of course, the most intriguing thing here is the famous Devil’s Throat, a huge chasm where more than a half of the river’s flow falls with a huge noise.

As we said, this place has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole region, which is not surprising that there are two international airports near the National Park- one on the Argentinian and second on the Brazilian side of the border.

Is Car Rental In Iguazu Falls A Good Idea?

If you do not want to fly, your first idea would be a car rental in Iguazu Falls, right? Or maybe you were thinking to rent a car in El Calafate? As we said in the beginning, it would not be the best solution. The more realistic plan is to consider renting at international airports and drive to the National Park. For entrance and exploring this magnificent place, the best option is to use organized transport. Depending from which side you are arriving, you can use the bus, train or even helicopter (this option is available only from the Brazilian side).

If you are coming from the Brazilian side, then you should go for car renting in Brazil. There are almost all international agencies, which will provide you everything for the pleasant trip. Although the majority of the local agencies do not allow driving car abroad, you can still pass the boarder if you pay special permission.

So, if you start your journey from the Foz airport and you want to check the falls from the Argentinian side, you will need a valid driver’s license from your country, international license, insurance, passport and so called “carta verde” . This special permit costs $45 for a three-day pass. Make sure that you have all required documents, because the police is very strict about it. Without a carta verde, you will be a great candidate for heavy fines.

Depending on the agency and vehicle type, you will have to pay from $23 to $35 for one day, without any additional options. This is a price for the basic plan, which does not include driving abroad. By the way, the prices for renting a car in Uruguay are almost the same.

Because Iguazu Falls are in the border area, checks twice all your options before you start your trip. The last thing you want to happen is to stuck somewhere at the border, waiting for administration to resolve your problem.