Car Rental in Honduras

Honduras is situated in the heart of Central America, on the thin strip of land that joins North America and South America. The Honduras airport in Tegucigalpa, Toncontín International Airport, is ranked the number two most unsafe airport in the world by History Channel due its mountainous setting and awfully short runway. Fortunately, Honduras has a second mainland international airport in San Pedro Sula. There is also an international airport on Roatan, the largest of Honduras’s Bay Islands. All the airports provide the facility of car rentals in Honduras. Weather in Honduras is tropical on both its Pacific and Caribbean coasts, though the climate tends to be more temperate inland, just like in Nicaragua (car renting in Nicaragua) and Guatemala (renting a car in Guatamela). Dry season lasts from November to March. The average high temperature in Honduras is 90°F (32°C), and the average low temperature is 68 ° F (20 °C).

Hurricanes are frequent in Honduras, particularly on the Caribbean coast and Honduras’s Bay Islands. June to November is Honduras’s hurricane season. If you intend traveling to Honduras during these months, you would better keep an eye on local weather during your stay.

Visa & Currency

You are awarded tourist visa on landing, valid for 90 days.

Lempira is the Honduran currency and

1.00 USD=21.9017 HNL Honduran Lempira

What You Should Know about Car Rental in Honduras?

Apart from the cost, safety is also a concern on opting for car rental in Honduras. The reason is its narrow mountainous roads and absence of street addresses and high fines for traffic violations. By the way, this is quite similar to Belize (rent a car in Belize). But when you want to enjoy your vacation and roam off the beaten path, this is what you should know about Honduras car rental.

  1. Cost: You may be lucky to get a simple economy car for around $40 on certain days, including taxes and basic insurance. The usual rate is $45-$60. Four wheel drive vehicles, which you would necessarily require for exploring this country, should cost you $60 to $95. You can expect better prices on hiring vehicles for longer durations. . Normally, Hola Rent A Car, Economy, Avis, and Dollar are bargain agencies. Budget, National and Toyota are usually more expensive.
  2. Be on Guard: Don’t ever leave your belongings in car. Thieves are notorious for carrying master keys to rental vehicles and are not scared of punching a window on finding something expensive on car seat. Thieves are not scared of guards even. If you plan to stop on the way, ring up your hotel beforehand to inquire where you could park safely. Never resist a robbery attempt as robbers frequently carry weapons.
  3. Don’t Travel at Night: Locals and bus drivers don’t travel at night and so shouldn’t you. Lack of street lights, windy mountain roads, extreme weather conditions and high-speed tractor trailers make traveling at any time of day somewhat risky.
  4. Fines for traffic violations are heavy: Costa Rica’s traffic police don’t look for bribes and are authorized to impose heavy fines for traffic violations. Sample these:

Talking on phone while driving or taking unauthorized U turn will cost you $428 each

Not signaling before taking a turn costs $286.

  1. Driving is difficult: You won’t find any street addresses and directions are given by landmarks. GPS’s don’t work here. Get a detailed map or have a lot of patience and reasonably good level of Spanish.
  2. Ask for discounts: With over a dozen of companies who provide car rental in Honduras, you should negotiate and get discounts. Compare offers from three to four companies to get the best offer. You can expect slightly low price from car rental companies down the road. Most of these companies don’t mind to drop off the car at your hotel or pick it up without extra charge.