Learn The History Of Japan With Car rental in Hiroshima

Perhaps, best recognized as the city that was destroyed by atomic bomb during the WWII, Hiroshima at present is a modern city alive with skyscrapers, neon lights and a lively nightlife.  You won’t find much of the ancient city of Hiroshima, the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture. The Japanese translation of its name means “Wide Island”

Though Hiroshima has an international airport, it caters to few international flights. The most frequent airlines include Japan Airlines, Nippon, British Airways and Qatar Airways. You can reach Hiroshima from Tokyo and other cities by air, rail or road. You may rent a car in Tokyo to cover a distance of 510 miles in about ten hours. The flight takes less than one and a half hours, but take into account time needed for traveling to Narita International Airport, Tokyo. A high speed train from Tokyo takes nearly five hours to reach Hiroshima. The best time for visiting this city is beginning of April when cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the weather is breezy and cool. October and November are also cool and recommended for exploring Hiroshima on foot.

Mazda Car Corporation

We all know Hiroshima for having borne the brunt of atomic weapons during WWII but few know that it is also houses the headquarters of Mazda Car Corporation, founded here in 1920. The company continues to have its corporate offices plus research and development division here. You’ll be glad to learn that the company takes visitors around their museum. Some of the items on display include a child’s tricycle, scorched by heat of the bomb, three wheeled vehicle named Mazda Type TCS, which was used for carrying supplies needed for rebuilding Hiroshima. Then, you’ll find all the models of the car produced by Mazda till date.  The tour is free and takes ninety minutes and you have to make a booking on phone or email. Yes, it’s in English too.

Find Car rental in Hiroshima

You’ll find that most agencies offering car rental in Hiroshima are local, though there area few international companies too.  It is interesting to mention that car rental in Hiroshima also provide bicycles on rent. If you have time at hand, you may consider exploring the main city on a bicycle.  However, you’ll need car rental in Hiroshima if you are interested to visit Japanese Gardens or the Hiroshima Castle, which was badly damaged during the WWII and has since been under renovation. You should like to visit Miyajima, a small island outside the city limits of Hiroshima by just about one hour.  It is most renowned for its massive torii gate, which gives the impression of floating on water when high tide occurs. This sight is ranked among the three best of Japan. Renting a car here is somewhat different than renting a car in Nagano. You can rent a car for even three or six hours with or without a driver. It is not unusual for a group of four to rent a car for six hours and visit some of the prominent local sites.  Per day charge starts from ¥5940. For ¥4725, up to four visitors can hire a taxi for six hours. The terms and conditions of car rentals here are the same as car renting in Nagoya or Tokyo.  Remember to drive on your left in Hiroshima or anywhere else in Japan for that matter.