Car Rental in Grenada – The Land Of Spices And Beautiful Nature

The first thing you have to know if you are thinking about car rental in Grenada is that this beautiful piece of Paradise, located in the southeastern part of the Caribbean Sea, was under a strong impact of United Kingdom, which, among other things, resulted in specific driving rules.  This means that you will have to drive on the left side of the road.

Granada is an island country and includes seven islands. The capital and the largest city is St. George. For those who speak English, communication should not be a problem, because English is the official language.

The whole country occupies an area of about 344 square kilometers, with a population of 110,000 people. The official currency is East Caribbean Dollar (XCD).

Climate is typical for this region, with two main seasons: very hot and humid period and rainy part of the year.

Granada has very diverse flora and fauna. All islands are of volcano origin, with very rich soil. The main sources of income are tourism and export of spices. In fact, this island country is among world’s biggest exporters of nutmeg and mace.

These spicy islands are part of a Commonwealth Realm and the British Queen is formally the head of state. The crown is represented by domestic political leaders or governor.

Tips on car rental in Grenada

As we said in the beginning, driving a vehicle on the right side of the road is something that you have to bear in mind before you decide for car rental in Grenada. Because of that, do not be surprised that almost all vehicles on islands have the steering wheel on the right side, which can be a problem for drivers who do not have experience with such driving rules. Maybe it would be better to get a car in a nearby country, like some people who are car renting in Antigua do.

There are almost all kinds of roads in Grenada – from modern asphalt driveways to gravel and dirt roads. The great thing is that almost all major roads are in a good condition.

Every person older than 18 years with a valid driving license from domestic country can drive in Grenada. According to state laws, every student can get temporary license for a period of three months. If you want to use this option, you will have to pay $30 XCD.

In addition, every driver must have appropriate insurance. The price of these policies depends on several factors, which is the reason why it would be the best if you could contact local agencies before you make arangmane for car rental in Grenada.

You must wear seat belts if you want to avoid a fine, which can go up to $1.000 XCD. Of course, using a cell phone while driving is not allowed. It is interesting that driving without a shirt on is also not allowed. But this is quite common, the same applies for all who are renting a car in Bermuda. So, make sure that you are appropriate dressed before you leave the beach.

In a school zone, maximum speed is limited to 20 MPH and the highest allowed speed in whole country is 40 MPH. Strange, right? I think folks who rent a car in Germany wouldn’t agree with this.

There are many interesting places you can visit by a car. For example, you can start with Grand Anse Beach, idyllic and beautiful city beach in ST. George, which is considered as one of the finest in the world. The second big tourist attractions are narrow waterfalls, placed in the continental areas of islands.

Archie Auto Rentals, Azar’s Rentals, and Gabriels Car rentals are some of the most popular local agencies.