Car Rental In Eindhoven – The City Of Electric Bulbs

Eindhoven is located in the southern part of the Netherlands (car renting in Netherlands), and it is the capital and the largest town of the North Barbant Province. It lies at the mouth of the Dommel and Gender streams.  It is the fifth largest city in the state, with about 419,000 residents. Almost one third of general population are settlers from other countries, mainly from Turkey (car rent in Turkey), Morocco (renting a car in Morocco) and Suriname. The influence of other cultures is noticeable at every corner, which represents one of the highest values of this city.

Of course, the official language is Dutch, but the majority of population speaks Kempenlands and Meierijs dialect.

The same as other parts of the Netherlands, and Eindhoven had big troubles with frequent floods, which resulted in construction of the massive drainage canals and redirection of water streams.

More than half of general population are Roman- Catholics, about 65 percent.

In the past, Eindhoven was a small and poor city and the local people depended mainly of agriculture. Because of the cheap land and cheap labor, investors started to build their factories along the city, which resulted in the fast growth of the whole region. After the Word War II, almost all factories were closed.

Everything changed 1892, when two brothers decided to found small factory for bulb production- Philips.

This company is now the leader of the economic growth of the city, and the main investor in city’s infrastructure, education and culture. In addition, Philips attracted other big IT companies from around the world, turning this town into the real center of hi- tech industry.

Today, Eindhoven is a modern city with unusual and eye catching architecture. Because of the university and many other undergraduate education institutions, it is considered as the town of young.

Tips on car rental in Eindhoven

If you want to use car rental in Eindhoven, we recommend you to try with Europcar agency, which is just one kilometer distanced from the main train station. You cannot find free parking space in the city and prices varies depending of the distance from the city core. For example, parking space close to the center costs two euros per hour. Daily parking tickets cost 14 euros.

In addition, you can choose to leave your car in some of the public garages, and this will cost you around one euro for 30 minutes. Because of that, think about potential parking locations before your decide to use car rental in Eindhoven.

The traffic rules are the same as they are in the whole the Netherlands, which means that you will have to drive on the right side of the road.

Wearing seatbelts and headlights are mandatory.

If you are foreigner, you can still apply for the car rental in Eindhoven if you have valid driver’s license for your domestic country and if it is held for one year at least.

Eindhoven has quality and developed road infrastructure and the city is well- connected with other parts of the country. Of course, driving speed in urban area is limited to 50 kilometers per hour, while between cities you can drive up to 80 km/h.

Besides Europcar, you can rent your car in other agencies in the city, such as Budget, Avis and Sixt. Budget and Avis have the cheapest packets- 53,31 euros for a small city car like Kia Picanto and Toyota Aygo.