Car Rental In Dublin – Enjoy In The City Of Pubs

Dublin has come a long way from typical Viking settlement to the capital and the largest city of Ireland. It is located in the central area of the western shore of the country, lying at the muddy mouth of the Liffey River, which flows into the Irish Sea. The city is a mixture of the old and modern architecture, with many cultural sites and big parks. It is the cultural and economic center of Ireland and an ideal place for all those who are looking for the unforgettable nightlife.

The city is divided by the Liffey River into two parts – Northside and Southside. In the past, the first one was known as a working-class area, while the other was mostly settled by the higher middle class. This social and cultural difference between two city districts faded a long time ago, which is a reason why any similar divisions would be wrong and outdated.

However, Dublin is a city which does not have a problem with the “river deficiency”. Beside the mentioned Liffey, two smaller rivers flow through the urban area: The River Tolka on the southeast and the River Dodder on the northeast. This is not all. If we want to make a complete list of the water routes in Dublin, then we must add the Grand Canal and Royal Canal, which surround the old city core.

The maritime climate is characterized for this region, which means that the temperature in Dublin is not prone to wild fluctuations.

In the past, Dublin was the center of the heavy industry, which is now replaced by the modern and non- polluting industries. However, one of the oldest factories still functioning in the urban area. It is St. James’s Gate Brewery, known for its planetary popular Guinness beer.

Today, the majority of income comes from the service sector and high tech industries. Because of that, it is not surprising that companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter…have their European headquarters in Dublin.

General information about car rental in Dublin

If you decide to use car rental in Dublin, the first thing you must know is that the driving is performed on the left side of the road, just like in England (renting a car in England) and Scotland (car rent in Scotland). Of course, almost all vehicles have steering wheels on the left side, which can be pretty much uncomfortable if you not used to drive in that way.

In general, the city has very developed and quality road infrastructure, which is a reason why car rental in Dublin is highly recommended. Driving to the different parts of the country is not a problem, because almost all major roads are connected with M50 motorway: semi- circular road on the edge of the town. Of course, if you decide to use this modern road, you will have to pay a toll from 2,20 euros for prepaid tag to 3,10 euros for unregistered vehicles.

The majority of car rental agencies have standard insurance plans. One thing is very important here when choosing car rental in Dublin. Even if you buy “full coverage”, it will not cover all potential problems like flat tires or putting the wrong fuel in a tank.

Vehicles with manual gearbox are the most common on the streets of Dublin and Ireland (car renting in Ireland), which is a reason why you might have problem to rent automatic. In fact, you will have to pay a little more for cars with automatic transmission.

Irish Car Rental, Hertz, Alamo, Avis, Dan-Dooley are some of the rental agencies in Dublin.