Car Rental in Cuba

The Republic of Cuba –more known as just Cuba– is a country located in the Caribbean. This country is formed by several islands like the Isla de la Juventud and other archipelagos, but the main one is the island of Cuba. This country is less than 200 km away from the United States to the north, and is also close to the Bahamas to the northeast and Mexico to the west. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean.

General Information

The capital of this country is Havana, which is also its largest city. There are around eleven million inhabitants, and 64.1% of them belong to the white ethnic group. The official language of the country is spanish.

The Republic of Cuba is one of the few countries that remain socialist that follow the Marxist-Leninist ideology. It is a country that has been influenced culturally and custom-wise from multiple origins, including Taíno and Ciboney people and the Spanish colonists.


Unlike in many countries, Cuba has a dual currency system. This means that the majority of prices and wages are set in Cuban pesos, and the tourist economy in Convertible pesos. Convertible pesos are worth the same as a US Dollar, so for every US Dollar you get one Convertible peso.


Most of the country is south of the Tropic of Cancer, the climate is tropical. The driest season is from November to April, and the rainier season from May to October. Usually the average temperature is 21ºC in January and 27ºC in July.

The country is very prone to hurricanes due to the warm temperatures of the Caribbean Sea and that the country sits across the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane are more frequent in September and October.

Driving Laws

Any foreign visitor that wants to make use of car rental in Cuba has to be at least 21 years old and must have both a valid national driver’s license and an International driving permit. These same rules apply to most countries in Central America, which is something people who went to rent a car in Costa Rica or who are car renting in Mexico already know. Most of the laws applied in Cuba regarding driving are the same as the ones in America and almost everywhere, these are some of them:

  • Traffic flaws on the right side of the road and overtaking on the left side.
  • Seat belts are required for drivers and front seats passengers.
  • Children under 2 years of age may only be transported in a car if they are sitting in an appropriate child restraint. Children under  12 years may not travel in the front seats.
  • The speed limit on freeways is 100 km/h, on highways – 90 km/h, on rural roads – 60 km/h, in urban areas – 50 km/h and in children’s zones – 40 km/h.
  • Parking at pedestrian crossing, laws, and sidewalk is not permitted.
  • It is not permitted to drink and drive; the legal blood alcohol level is 0.0%.
  • It is not permitted to overtake on the right.
  • Headlights by day are illegal, except for emergency vehicles.

Where to go with car rental in Cuba?

Renting a car to move around in Cuba is the best choice there is. Firstly, because it allows you to visit off-the-track places that for example, a bus, cannot access. Folks who were car renting in Jamaica will tell you the same. And it is always much more comfortable. Also, there is very little traffic in general.

There are countless places you can visit if you decide to use car rental in Cuba, like all the crystal clear and white-sanded beaches, you can practice scuba diving and snorkeling, the Valle de Viñales and so many more places that you will want to stay at forever.