Car Rental In Copenhagen – The Gates Of Scandinavia


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and with an estimated population of approximately 1,9 million people, it is the most populous city in the country. The town is located on the eastern part of the large Danish island Zealand, near Swedish city Malmo. If you rent a car in Stockholm or anywhere in Sweden, you will not have any trouble to reach “city gates” of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen has traveled a long way from a small fishing village to the administrative center of the country. Today, it is a modern town, which many consider as the most beautiful capital city in the world. It is also the educational and cultural center of Denmark, with many universities, museums and galleries. Copenhagen is the seat of the largest and the oldest university in Denmark- the University of Copenhagen, which was founded in 1479.

The Danish capital is now recognized as one of the best world’s cities for living, with high living standard and strong social welfare system. It is also the biggest producer of the “green” energy and the leader in environmental protection. The local government has a very ambitious plan of reducing C02 pollution to 20 percent until the end of 2015. Thanks to large wind farm, which is located near the shores of the city, Copenhagen produces approximately 4 percent of general city electricity.

The city has strong and service oriented economy. The main economic branches are transport, finance, trading and tourism.  Copenhagen is the host of more than 50 international companies from the medical and biotech sector.

Introduction in car rental in Copenhagen

With well- preserved old city core, astonishing city landscape and many breathtaking parks, Copenhagen has become a very popular tourist destination. For example, King’s garden, a huge park within Rosenborg Castle visit more than 2,5 million people every year.  However, the most attractive area is Indry Bay, the old city core, with colorful buildings, shops and restaurants. It is a traffic- free zone, where is placed the longest pedestrian street in the world –  Strøget.  You must bear this in mind when considering car rental in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is also the world’s capital of bicycles, with very dense cycling tracks and special bridges. Maybe you should forget about car rental in Copenhagen if you want to visit the so-called Inner City- the oldest area in town.

On the other hand, if you want to explore other parts in town or to travel across Denmark, car rental will be definitely the best choice. The city has excelled road infrastructure and it is connected with other parts of the country. It is also connected with Sweden by the Oresund Bridge. All those who already have arranged car renting in Sweden, should know that driving on the bridge will be charged $45.

An International driver’s license is not required for EU citizens, and all those who live in the US, Australia or Canada.

Maximum speed in the city area is 50 kilometers per hour.  On the open regular roads between two cities, you can drive up to 80 km/h. The maximum speed on the motorways with four lines is 130 km/s. Be very careful about speed limits because fines will be charged on the spot.

There are no toll roads in Denmark and you will be free to drive wherever you want, without thinking about vignettes and similar things.  As we said, driving on the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo will be charged, same as driving on the bridge between Zealand and Fyn.

Of course, you must drive on the right side of the road when renting  car in Denmark.

Budget, Avis, Herts and Europcar are the most popular companies for car rental in Copenhagen. The prices can vary from 50 to 108 euros per day.