Car Rental In Colombia – Enjoy In The Country Of Endless Beauty

Colombia covers an area of approximately 1,1 million square kilometers on the northwest of the South America. Despite of the fact that Columbia had lost much of its territory during the history, it is still one of the biggest countries on the continent. According to the latest population census,  there are more than 48 million people living in this country. The population is a mixture of different nations, mainly consisting of Spanish colonists and immigrants from Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Some people like to say that God used all his power and imagination when he was creating Colombia. It has almost everything that we can find in the rest of the world – beautiful sand beaches and turquoise oceans, high mountain peaks covered with eternal ice and snow, deep rain forests, lakes, rivers, deserts… Just name it, and you will probably  find it somewhere in this country, which is located between Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. Colombia has a long maritime border that shares with its “sea neighbors” – Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Regarding the political system, this country is a constitutional republic. The official language is Spanish, but in the archipelago of San Anders and Santa Catalina, English has an official status.

Columbian peso is the official currency.

About car rental in Colombia

If you want to use car rental in Colombia or if you want to rent a car in Bogota, you should know that all foreign drivers can drive vehicles with their driver license from domestic countries up to one year. After that period, all foreign citizens must obtain local driving documents.  This means that you will have to pass all required exams and attend driving school.

Columbia is well-connected with roads and highways, but majority of them are in poor condition. The additional problem when it comes to the safety is that local drivers, same as in the entire South America, do not respect driving rules, which leads to big number of car accidents.

Be prepared for a lot of noise while you are driving, because local folks use horns in almost every situation. This can be really stressful, but you will get used to it after a while.

You should always be careful about the speed limits when you’re planning car rental in Columbia. According to the state laws, in the residential areas, vehicle traffic is limited to 30 km/h, in the urban area you can drive up to 60 km/h and outside the cities; the speed is limited to 80 km/h. Individuals who are renting a car in Costa Rica already know this.

Of course, you should also count on a number of toll crossings –  the fee is about $3.

If you opt for car rental in Columbia, you can start your journey with capital and the largest city (Bogota), but our recommendation is  Cartagena de Indias, the diamond of the colonial architecture, located in the Caribbean coast region. If you are planning your trip from Bogota, then you have to be prepared for a long trip of more than 1.000 kilometers to the north.

Beside a number of local rent a car agencies, there are also a lot of international rental companies such as Hertz, Avis, National… Most of them are car renting in Suriname too. And majority of them do not allow abroad trips, but you can always find one that has such option and expand your experience about the South America.