Car Rental in Chile – The Longest Country In The World

Chile is the longest country in the world. It is a country of diverse nature, rich culture, great food, superb wines and people who know how to enjoy in their lives. The majority of around 18 million citizens think that they live in the paradise. They are not far from the truth. This country takes a narrow but long area between the Andes and Pacific Ocean.  Its neighbors are Peru (north), Bolivia (northeast) and Argentina (east). However, Chile’s territory also includes four islands- Juan Fernandez, Salas y Gomez, Desventuardes and Easter Island, which is located in Oceania.

The capital and largest city is Santiago de Chile. The official currency is the Chilean peso. This country belongs to the Spanish speaking area.

In general, Chile is one of the most prosperous countries in the Latin America, with growing economy and strong civil sector. It is a constitutional democracy with a presidential unitary system.

When it comes to the ethnic background, Chile is extremely multiethnic society. The majority of the population is Native Americans, but there are also immigrants from other continents, mainly from Europe and Africa.

It is interesting that Chilean national flag is very similar to the flag of the Texas. The only difference is that the first one is 20 years older.  There are three colors on the flag- the red symbolizes blood that was spilled in the fights for independence, blue symbolizes sky and white stands for snow on the Andes.

About car rental in Chile

For car rental in Chile, you will need both your driving license from domestic country and an International license, just like you do when you want to rent a car in Nicaragua. Only people that are older than 21 years can use the service of renting agencies. There are no specific limitations or rules when it comes to traffic in this country, except that smoking and using headphones is prohibited. When it comes to the general traffic laws, driving is on the left side of the road and overtaking is allowed only on the left side of the road.

Chile has very good and dense traffic infrastructure, where the majority of roads are paved and in good shape. It has 371 highways, intersecting the whole country.

If you want to use car rental in Chile, then you have to carry valid driver’s license, passport, insurance policy and registration paper all the time. Exactly like you would be when renting a car in Paraguay.

In some cities along the shore, you might have a problem with parking because of the narrow streets. This is a reason why you should search for small city vehicles when you are looking for car rental in Chile.

Renting a car in the Easter Island might be a problem because local agencies do not provide any kind of insurance. This is a reason why you should rent your vehicle in larger cities along the continental part of the country.

Chile is a country of weather extremes, which is a reason why you have to be very careful when driving. You can start your trip driving on the snow and ice and after just few miles; you will be on the sand road. I think those who used car renting in Bolivia already know this.

In some cases, driving in the capital Santiago can be stopped due the restrictive city policy about air pollution and smog. In addition, roads to the Argentinian border can be also closed, especially during the winter.

Most renting agencies will allow you to drive car abroad in Argentina for additional fee. However, car rental in Chile might be a problem for those who want one way renting between two states.